Telling Your Ego To Go Wait In The Car

by Paul Castain on December 18, 2013

We’re both blessed and cursed with the egos we have in sales.

We’re blessed because our ego protects us from feeling the full brunt of rejection.

We’re cursed because it keeps us from the lesson each rejection can deliver.

Do you ask yourself the tough questions like . . .

“Why did I lose that sale?”

“Why did I lose that client?”

“Why am I not selling more?”

“Why am I avoiding prospecting activities?’

And now the fun part . . .

When your ego tries to interfere and blame the company, pricing, your boss, the fact that you’re too busy etc;

Do you tell it to go wait in the car so you can, once and for all, take the lesson you’ve been avoiding?

Perhaps it’s time?

Next year absolutely CAN be different . . .

Start the new year strong by hiring a sales coach or joining us for our online sales course?

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But do something because if you’re like most people, you’re about to start the new year with great intentions but no plan and no person to kick you in the ass to help you work the plan!

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