The 4 Sales Activities You Need To Get (And Keep) On Your Calendar

by Paul Castain on July 13, 2017


For most of us in sales, there are 3 things that drive our success;

Hunting For New Business

Wowing Your Existing Clients

Growing Your Existing Accounts

On the surface, it might seem like just 3 things, but I’m sure we’ll agree, that there are lots of “little things”that go into each those drivers so;

That’s why I NEVER leave it to chance and I’m quite relentless with regard to getting (and keeping) those things on my calendar!

Otherwise, I’m forced to say “AMEN” because I’m embracing a prayer, NOT a plan.

But there’s something else that I schedule and its my admin time.

I do this to keep me from tying up my day with too much admin stuff and;

So I have “buckets” where I can put administrative sh*t in as things pop up.

For example, I have to generate 3 proposals for speaking engagements.

On the one hand, I don’t want to stop hunting for new business, wowing and growing existing business but;

On the other hand, I want to get these out in a timely manner so;

I put this into one of my administrative time blocks.

Note: The majority of my administrative time blocks occur before and after hours and at lunch time.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”

Mike Tyson

That quote from Mike Tyson is pure gold and something we need to be mindful of in sales.

How many times have we planned the “perfect day” only to have it torn to shreds by 8:30 am?

So that’s why;

You need to have a plan to spend the MAJORITY of your time on the 3 drivers of sales success;

Hunting For New Business

Wowing Your Existing Clients

Growing Your Existing Accounts

You need to get it on the calendar and then respect it as you would an appointment with a client!

You need to be mindful of the things that will pull you away from the plan (that’s the “Getting punched in the face” thing)

Today, July 13th, at 11:30 am EST, I’m going to share the plan I’ve been teaching my coaching clients as well as the 5 things that typically trash a good plan!

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Today, July 13th, at 11:30 am EST.

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