The 5 Cards You Should Write This Holiday Season

by Paul Castain on December 11, 2012

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first.

Your clients: You would think this was a no brainer and yet, many people miss this one completely!

For some, it’s an “I’m too busy” thing. For others it’s a “bah humbug. I don’t get into the holidays” attitude. Either way, it’s an opportunity to show gratitude, spread some good cheer and guess what? Lift your own spirits.

Your Prospects: Most miss this one altogether because the focus is typically on our clients. Nice way to stay on their radar screen without sounding to salesy or calling them to “Check in”.

Everyone Who Told You “No” This Year: We tend to focus on “what’s hot” and then shelve our efforts once someone rejects us. Fatal mistake! Things change and a holiday card is a nice, subtle way of getting back on their brain.

Someone You Lost Touch With Along The Way: Is there a friend, a former mentor, boss, co worker, classmate etc that you haven’t communicated with in a while? Perhaps a card might break the ice. Actually that’s bullsh*t, the card won’t do it but . . .

That handwritten note inside it might just!

Last, but not least . . .

Your Support Team At Work: How about that CSR, inside sales rep, receptionist, production dude or dudette who pulled off a few 11th hour miracles for you this year?

Here’s the thing folks . . .

There are lots of people who get a tad depressed this time of year, others who are struggling and still more who feel a lack of appreciation.

A card with a few kind words might mean more to someone than you might think.

Oh, and a card written while listening to holiday music might help you get into the holiday spirit too unless its that damn Christmas Shoes song.


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