The Fallacy Of Sales Being A Numbers Game

by Paul Castain on January 1, 2013

I truly believe that the old adage of “sales is a numbers game” to be misleading and in some cases outdated.

Do you really believe that doing more of something will get you better results?

Think again!

More often than not, we’re doing more of the things that aren’t working.

More often than not we get caught up in some “persistence” thing or our inner competitor takes over and so does “smiling and dialing”

Now that I own a business, I’m on the receiving end of way too many of those types of calls.

They don’t reach me so they just keep calling me, and calling me and calling me while never (as in not even once) changing their tactics or even (God forbid) trying another venue other than the phone.

As a result, they condition me to let their call go to voicemail where I initially ignore it and ultimately delete it.

But they still keep calling, with the same message, over and over again.

Don’t even get me started about the obvious absence of pre call planning. Actually, let’s go there . . .

I’ve got to be one of the easiest dudes on the planet to Google. In 5 minutes, you could get a basic idea of what I do, how I do it, and if you wanted to spend a few more minutes, you could get inside my head by reading my blog,  stopping by my Linkedin group and my Facebook Fan Page.

I’m not exactly the invisible sales trainer! (especially after all the holiday eating I just did) :)

So what am I saying?

I’m saying that less might be more if it leads to a higher quality effort!

A higher quality effort is one where you actually did some research,  mapped your communication on both the messaging side and the inclusion of a good, healthy sales mix.

Why don’t more people embrace this approach?

1)    Because they never adapted.

2)    Because their sales manager thinks anything other than picking up a phone is lazy. Note: I’d really like to see this limiting belief change in 2013!

3)    Researching and planning calls is a pain in the ass and takes too much time. After all, you could make a ton of calls in the time it takes you to do this!

4)    They’ve gotten some results from MMC (making mucho calls)

5)    They simply don’t know how to do anything other than make a sh*t load of calls.

6)    They used the “working smarter” thing as an excuse to never pick up a phone. Kind of like the person who’s always preparing to prepare and meanwhile does a whole lotta nothing! For whatever reason they concluded this didn’t work (or their boss did it for them) when then didn’t get the results.

Do you really believe that sales is a numbers game?

I’ve ranted enough for one post but meanwhile, I do believe . . .

It’s your turn . . .

What are your thoughts with regard to the prospecting falling under the “it’s a numbers game thing”?

Are you a more calls, less targeted sales professional or a less calls, more targeted sales professional?

Please share your thoughts!

FYI . . .

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