The Importance Of A Developmental Wishlist

by Paul Castain on September 24, 2013

For as long as I can remember, once all my monthly sales were “in the bank” I’d sit with my wife and devise a plan.

A plan?

Yep . . . a plan for reinvesting some of the earnings left over after paying bills, socking aside a few dollars for the proverbial “rainy day” etc.

While some of it would be reinvested in our home, I would always snag a portion for my continual improvement.

I always liked to think about this ahead of time because once the money hit the account, life had a way of shrinking it on us mighty quick.

Most of the time, it’s a book or two on amazon.

Perhaps an audio cd or an audio book (for all that windshield and airplane time)

A subscription and eventually courses, coaches etc

At some point, I changed my thinking to . . .

“Why not create a wishlist to inspire you to sell more?”

Both Amazon and Audible have them.

Most stores have them.

For the courses, coaches etc, you can create a wish list in the back of your journal or simply include a picture that represents those things on your vision board but;

The important thing is that you think about this in advance, so you can use it as yet another incentive to perform at a higher level but let’s be real . . .

You do this in advance because if you don’t . . . something else will take your attention (and your money) and your development will just have to wait with a high probability of it never happening at all because . . .

You’re too caught up to give it any thought.

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