The Noise Is Burying Our Voices

by Paul Castain on January 22, 2013

I have a file in my inbox for blog posts and articles that I need to read.

Some of them are from the biggest names out there and I consider them valuable resources and yet . . . their thoughts remain in a file, unopened.

There are many others that never make it to “the file” because the roaring rapids of about 200+ emails a day sweep them off my screen.

Somewhere in those rapids are emails that I intended to reply to . . . but screwed up and didn’t.

I log into LinkedIn and see the rapids once again as status update after status update zips by my vantage point.

The voices never heard.

We are all moving too fast!

Our attention span is the lowest in the history of mankind (9 seconds according to the BBC)

We are losing our voices while a bright shiny technological object takes someone’s attention and that’s only fair . . .

Because it takes our attention away from them too.

We are losing our voices and its a shame because . . .

Everyone has a story and wants to be heard.

Yelling louder or better than everyone else doesn’t seem like the right solution.

Listening, responding and validating the OTHER person’s story might be.

Look around you today for a story that needs to be heard.

Go into your network and look for the “Wall Flowers” and show them some attention.

Before you dismiss something as “random”, or “play by play” understand that it meant something to the person who made the comment.

Look at the person in your meetings who isn’t saying anything . . . Ask them for their thoughts.

Listen, care and respond.

People will think you’re a brilliant conversationalist and . . .

They will gravitate towards you!

I’d like to hear from YOU . . .

Can an aspiring sales rock star leverage something warm and fuzzy like this?

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