The Odds Are Against You This Year?

by Paul Castain on December 31, 2012

Before we usher in a new year with feelings of “out with the old, in with the new,” I have some statistics for you … and they aren’t pretty!

According to the Social Security Administration:

Out of 100 people starting their careers today, after 40 years…

1 will be wealthy.
4 will be financially secure.
5 will continue working. Not because they want to but because they have to!
36 will have died.
54 will be simply broke!

Bottom line: 5% financially free, 95% struggling!

Talk about dropping a New Years bomb, huh?

On a more positive note …

You and I have choices.

We can choose where we will fall in most of those statistics (haven’t quite figured out the beating death thing yet but my assistant Igor and I are pretty damn close).

We also have another choice, to do nothing and play career/life roulette!

But what if you’re not into the New Years Resolution thing?

What if you find this whole business of setting 11th hour goals a tad cliché?

Then surely you must know that …

A bad week doesn’t happen on Friday at 4:55 p.m.

A bad month doesn’t happen on the 30th.

A bad year doesn’t happen on New Year’s Eve.

A bad career doesn’t happen on your retirement dinner.

A bad life doesn’t happen on your death bed!

And yet, here we are, smack dab in the middle of another new year and as fate would have it …

Another year closer to the page in your success story that reads … THE END!

How will that story play out?

Perhaps that’s what today is all about!

Today, you pick up the pen and start writing and living those pages . . .

with intention, purpose and a spirit that says …

Kiss my ass Social Security Administration … I’ll show you!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

FYI . . .

I hope you’ll join us on January 10th for our annual Playbook For A Successful Year webinar. Check out the details here. I think you’re worth it!

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