The Parable Of The Closed Store

by Paul Castain on August 29, 2014

One day, a businessman stopped by a local store but noticed there was a sign that read “Sorry We’re Closed”

A few days later, while passing by, he noticed that they were now open so he made a note to self to stop by later.

When he returned, there was a sign that read “Sorry We’re Closed”

For the next three weeks he noticed they were open, but he had no need during that time.

He stopped by again and noticed they were once again closed but this time they were closed for 3 months until they reopened.

The businessman moved on and never thought about them again.

When we look at this simple parable, we see a store owner who seems a bit inconsistent with their business hours.

Kind of silly when you think about but then again, many sales reps are very much like this business owner . . .

Showing up today with a phone call when a potential customer doesn’t need their services

Disappearing while they might in fact need that rep.

Then comes a random email a few months later, then they disappear again.

They’re here, they’re gone, they’re here, they’re gone.

Then they are forgotten about permanently.

Many of you do this with your social networking activities, that blog etc!

What message do you send to your prospects?

One of being open (consistently)?

One of being closed?

Or one where you aren’t showing up enough to even be regarded?

Reason #10,000 why you need to schedule your hunting activities and then RESPECT that appointment the way you would any other appointment.

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  • Chris Ryan

    Paul, I liked the example you used. In a retail environment, this open and closed scenario is apparent but not quite so obvious in the online world. However, your presence (or lack of) is just as important in both selling models. In fact, consistency is one of the often neglected but nonetheless powerful weapons in a marketing arsenal.

  • Totally agree Chris!

    Thank you!

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