The Qualities Of A Rock Star Sales Leader

by Paul Castain on November 20, 2012

I bet we’ve all worked for some good sales managers and some (how shall I say) not so good sales managers.

What makes for a great sales leader?

What qualities do they need to have?

I’ll start the discussion rolling by suggesting that one of the qualities they need to have is the ability to adapt their style according to each teammate. In other words, they truly understand that “one size doesn’t fit all”

But that’s only one quality.

What else can we add to the list?

Please share your thoughts!

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  • Chris Snell

    Paul, I think great sales leaders are teachable. The great ones are always looking for ways to improve their skills so that their team benefits from their learning. It’s about passing it on, and if you’re not teachable and have a know-it-all attitude, you guaranteeing that the only thing you’re going to pass on to your team is a bunch of old tricks.

  • paulcastain

    That’s a huge one Chris and keeps the sales leader up to date and relevant too!

  • paulcastain

    Larry you couldn’t see me but I was engaged in massive head knodding during each one of these awesome points!
    Thank you!

  • David A Specht

    Knowing they can do more working “through” others than on their own. And the ability to put that into practice.

  • paulcastain

    Thanks David!

  • Tufail Shahzad

    Paul, I would add:
    1- Good decision making, and
    2- A creative approach to create a need for client, instead of a sales pitch/call.

  • paulcastain

    Great additions Tufail!

    Thank you!

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