The “Reply All” Insanity Fest!

by Paul Castain on January 5, 2011

There’s a productivity killer lurking in the inboxes of the world today and its about time we stopped the insanity!

I’m talking about the senseless killing of minutes.

The heartless ravaging of your nerves and . . .

The brutal slaying of common sense when you find yourself in

A Reply All Insanity Fest!

I bear the scars of many a reply all insanity fest and was recently in one that I shall reenact here

An email goes out where the sender could have easily avoided an inbox tragedy by sending it bcc but instead they make a fatal mistake and send it without jackassproofing it.

Moe: Replies All with “I’ll be there can’t wait”

Me (Taking on the form of an armed monkey) Great Moe and why did 600 of us need to know that? Note: I’m just thinking this not Replying All.

Larry: Replies All “Is this an all day event?”

Me: (to myself) “Why don’t you go back and actually reread the email. It’s all there and Oh,  this could have been handled offline instead of Reply All”!

Curly: Replies All “Hey folks, when you reply all we all get this!”

2 Important notes in Curly’s defense:

Understand that this move is the equivalent of throwing yourself on a grenade because someone had to be the A-Hole and . . .

Unfortunately, Curly had to reply all to get everyone from replying all. And so the frenzy continues . . .

Larry: Replies all (again) with “Sorry about that” Note: Larry shouldn’t be sorry, he should be quite

Me: Out loud at my desk “DICK!”

Moe: (having aged since this ordeal began) “Thanks Curly. I’ll send Harpo an offline email”

Me Taking my palm and striking the computer screen “I Command You Out demon!”

Any who, that was clearly a rant, with no educational value for you today but just for the heck of it:

Send your emails to large groups BCC

Or how about a spin on those sustainability footers everyone is using in their emails . . .

“Please consider our mental environment before replying all to this email”

And please, if you are the recipient, and you want to respond, take that extra second to either reply to the recipient only or forward the email back to the sender if you are set up in a system that would automatically send to all.

This has been a public service announcement from your friends at Sales Playbook! :)

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