The Sales Profession Needs To Cry Bullsh . . .

by Paul Castain on January 30, 2013

I received an interesting email the other day.

It was from a sales trainer thanking me for volunteering to test his new app.

Innocent enough; right?

Until you take into account that I never promised him anything nor had I ever spoken to him (more on that in a minute)

I responded and asked how/when I volunteered for that.

Confession time: I was completely screwing with this guy at this point because I hate when people try this “monkey style kung fu” on me.

He writes back “right now”. Doesn’t apologize for lying or pulling a rookie stunt to get my attention . . . just full speed ahead.

I told him that I didn’t appreciate his approach and moved on.

One other thing . . .

In one of his emails he tells me that we had spoken before.

I’m the wrong guy to try that with.

Not only do I have an incredible memory for this stuff, I can tell you that I almost never spend any time with other sales trainers. No disrespect to them, its just not something that interests me.

Stay with me  . . .

Today, someone left me a message stating very clearly that they wanted to talk with me about the courses I offer.

I call back and the dude starts his sales pitch.

What the . . . ?

I interrupt him telling him that I was confused and thought he wanted to talk about my courses. He proceeds with his pitch never apologizing. I interrupt again asking him what he wanted to know about my courses. He continues and I end the call shortly after while exercising high levels of restraint.

I’m going to say something that you would think could constitute a “Duh Paul” moment but I’m quickly losing hope.

Nobody likes to be tricked!

Nobody likes to be lied to.

If you are barely two seconds into a potential relationship and you are seen as a liar, how could that possibly help your cause?

Do you think that someone is going to say “Alright, you got me fair and square dude. Here’s my money”?

It just isn’t cool  . . . but here’s the thing . . .

We have to start crying BS!

Seriously, enough is enough and I need your help!

If you work for a company and your boss tells you to lie, I want you to (respectfully) cry BS. Ask them why they’d feel lying is a viable option. Express your discomfort and hold your ground. If you get nowhere (and I don’t want you to lose your job over this) speak with your boss’s boss, owner and if that doesn’t work, do some soul searching and consider working for a company with values that align with yours.

If you witness a teammate engaging in this behavior, have a heart to heart with them. Tell them how sleazy it is and how it makes EVERYONE look bad on the team!

Sales Managers, VP’s of Sales, Business Owners . . . If you catch a sales rep partaking in this nonsense, call them out, write them up and if it continues . . . show them the door. Trust me, they’re making you and your company look like crap!

Training . . .

If you ever attend a training session where someone tells you to lie . . . call them out and don’t let them off the hook. Don’t relent. Let them know that tricking prospects, lying and trying cute tactics isn’t and never will be a part of your playbook!

If you’re ever on the receiving end of this kind of tactic . . .

Call them out! Make them uncomfortable and invite them to rethink their approach. I’d ask you to forward my info to them but then again it might violate my “no idiots” rule.

A few things that I see continually abused . . .

Telling assistants that the decision maker knows you when they don’t

Telling assistants that the decision maker is expecting your call when they aren’t

Telling assistants that the decision maker knows what this is in reference to when they don’t

Telling anyone that you’ve spoken before when you haven’t

Pretending to be interested in someone’s products or services in order to trick them into a quick call

Putting the letters “RE” in a subject line to imply that you’ve corresponded before.

And finally, if YOU pull stunts like these, I want you to know that you are better than that and you need to start acting like a professional.

A true sales professional has way too many legitimate choices to ever let lying exist anywhere in their repertoire!

Please weigh in with your thoughts and leave a comment below!

FYI . . .

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