The Selfish Gift

by Paul Castain on June 10, 2011

I was putting myself through a bit of unnecessary grief last weekend!

I was actually debating whether or not to take a camping trip . . . I was planning to take on Monday!

Crazy . . . huh?

The truth of the matter is that I’m knee deep in a business start up and could give you a hundred reasons why the timing for a camping trip sucked.

And then it hit me . . . when is the timing ever good to give ourselves a gift?

There are always things to do, new clients to please . . . busy, busy busy!

But here’s the funny part . . .

Ask me to give something to someone else . . . I’m there!

A client or a prospect needs something . . . Uncle Paul has you covered dude!

So I took a look at my schedule, moved the things that could be moved and the things that couldn’t . . . well I decided to take them camping with me!

For 2 ½ days I thought about my life . . . where I’ve been, where I plan to go and of course, where I am today.

In short, I simply slowed down long enough to get reacquainted with Me!

And then it hit me . . .

Sometimes we need to do what they instruct us to do in the event of an emergency on a plane . . .

Make sure we get our own oxygen mask on before helping someone else get their’s on.

And then I looked over my shoulder to the scene in the picture below and forgot what the hell I was thinking about 🙂

So that was my gift to me . . . and that makes me curious . . .

What gift are you willing to give yourself?

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  • I’m willing to give myself more time for things like camping and hiking. I need those things – in order to stay sane, and keep producing content at the rate I need to.

  • Isn’t it weird how we tend to think about caring for ourselves as ‘selfish’? I mean, especially in sales, we’re constantly so focused on other people’s needs, wishes, desires or demands that we tend to forget about our own.

    It’s just not right to feel guilty about giving yourself the gift of a relaxed mind. Quite the opposite, I think it’s something we should aim for, in our personal as well as professional lives.

    Thanks for the reminder Paul,

  • You’re 100% right Wim and we shouldn’t feel guilty about it!

    The gift of a relaxed mind can pay huge dividends!

  • I agree Christian.

    I find these activities especially good for not only our sanity but our creativity and ultimately our productivity!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Joan Richardson

    I think it’s first a gift to us, then to our clients, friends and family (not in that order…).  Isn’t it better to have a clear, relaxed mind to better serve them as well?   Just a thought. 

    Thanks, Uncle Paul, for the perspective and reminder to take care of me.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Joan Richardson

  • Good morning, Paul! I’m almost always doing my personal professional reading & development in the mornings when your blogs pop into my email (ding!), so while I missed your insight and words of brilliance, I’m glad you took some time for you. I truly believe we have to fill up our own tanks in order to have something to give to others. Thanks, as always, for your wise words. Cheers to an amazing weekend.

  • That’s a great way to put it Honoree and thank you for sharing your thoughts and kind words!

  • I agree . . . we all benefit from this type of recharge.

    In fact, I like what you’re saying so much, I might just have to do this again this summer 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend as well Joan!

  • What a fabulous idea – I think I will do the same.  The funny thing is part of what I do is teach women to take care of themselves frst, but I don’t always practice what I preach.  Thanks for the reminder.

  • Jaki Glenn

    Funny, just last Friday- having returned from a week’s worth of travel – I contemplated pleading with my children to reconsider our weekend camping trip and take a “Friday evening siesta” with me – surely, leaving Saturday morning wouldn’t make that much difference, right?  😉  Fortunately, the kids exuberant anticipation kept me from moving on this idea and I “sucked it up” thinking I was giving them a gift and we all went camping… within hours.. I was sooo glad I did.. the air, the freedom from home/work/ stress.. within 24 hours.. I had a new clarity.. 48 hours later, I was thinking, “Why don’t I do this EVERY weekend?”  (Real life & real home prevent that.. but a nice idea!)   Like you- the true gift was for me- dedicated time to relax, unwind, find myself, and fall in love with the life I am blessed with.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey Uncle Paul,

    Looks like an awesome view! I’m glad you went for it my friend. I weekend in Vegas planned for my wife’s birthday next month that I am totally looking forward to even though it is for her 🙂

  • Vegas is always a great choice Peter. If you get a chance, play a penny slot machine called “Uncle Sam” . . . I won $900 on that bad boy 🙂

    Rock on brother!

  • There’s nothing like the tranquility of a lake house LA . . . enjoy my friend!

  • Those are the best gifts Jaki . . . the ultimate gift is the when you get those moments to “fall in love with the life I am blessed with” 

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Wishing you many more of those moments!

  • I love those moments and they are available for the low/low price of free 🙂

    Thank you Debbie . . . enjoy your weekend too!

  • I really know the feeling Sally!

    Here’s to a summer full of mucho “me” time 🙂

    Thank you so much for stopping by Sally!

  • No matter how busy you are, you ought to find some time for You, capital letter to mean you, your family, your friends, your social sphere. Otherwise, what is it worth to do all you do?

  • Josieaberdeen

    Paul, You did it again! Thank You dude! This thing about being there for everyone but ourselves is one of those little humbugs that I have been working on. For the past 15 years, the first of which started in year 2 of my University years I started taking what I call LoveJosieDay. Its a Wednesday and I Am proud to say that I have honored it for about 90% of the time. Friends, family know dont bother to call or ask for favors or anything on that day. And business clients know that I have previous committments. I suppose now they will know what those committments are… lol

    There is some virtue is selfishness afterall. And when I Am really on the soapbox its like this: When I Am taking care of him/her/ whatever and they taking care of them..who on earth is taking care of me!

    Its about self-love and its impossible to love another if one does not love one’s self.

    So I agree with you fully!

  • Roger

    Was there alcohol involved and any of this?

  • Rjgagliano

    U Paul, next time you are looking to get away – i have a home available for a short term rental in east hampton a block from the beach  – the last 2 weeks in july are taken –


  • Thanks Bob!

    Its been a long time since I hung out in the Hamptons!

  • I generally don’t like to drink alone Roger but made an exception which explains the crazy dream I had that Sasquatch was my Dad.

  • Chris

    Another inspiring post by the Jedi Master. I’m going camping at the end of this month with just my wife (kid with my mom out of town). There is nothing like sitting out at night by the fire, watching for shooting stars and putting your life into perspective. It’s an awesome way to recharge, regroup and refresh your life and mind.

    Cheers again brother.

  • “LoveJosieDay” = sheer greatness . . . well done!

    I need one of those but will obviously need to change the name of it 🙂

    These days are critical and I hope everyone leaves this blog today with a serious action item!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Totally agree Gabriele!


  • You said it Chris.

    That’s one of the best parts of camping. That and the awesome smell of the wood burning and breakfast cooking in the morning!Enjoy that precious time my friend!

  • Karen Bice

    Paul, I always enjoy reading your posts. So uplifting and educational with a touch of irreverence and humor.  I always leave your posts smiling. 🙂 Have a great weekend

  • What a nice note Karen!

    And you have brought many a smile to me as well!

    Enjoy your weekend as well!

  • John Patrick

    Good post, Paul.

    You may have noticed (by Facebook postings) that I’ve begun to enjoy walks on the beach and sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico in the past few weeks. And e-v-e-r-y time, I tell myself “You’re welcome.”

    Rock on and live on, my friend.


  • Every man for himself…………….:)

    I do the same thing; always trying to be there for others and not taking enough time for myself (or feel guilty doing so). It is healthy to reward yourself for the hard work you do.

    At the end of the day I don’t think you will ever say I wish I could have worked harder; more, etc…..

    Hope all is well.

  • I love that John and will start saying that to myself immediately!

    Just know that I’m really jealous of those sunsets my friend!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • So true Bill and we are worthy of the reward!

    Thanks for stopping by Bill!

  • That’s the spirit Jason!

    Enjoy every minute of this precious life!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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