The Subject Line That Leads To MORE Potential Clients Opening Your Email

by Paul Castain on August 19, 2017

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“Call at 9:45 am on 8/22”

That’s the subject line of an email I received the other day.

It got my attention right away. In fact, my immediate thoughts were:

  • “Do I have an appointment that slipped through the cracks?”
  • “Someone is looking to hire me and wants to talk about my services”

Either way, I opened that email!

And the best part was that someone used this exact, same tactic on me back in September and I still opened the email!

I even wrote about it and get this . . .

I decided to use that subject line and;

I experienced a 33% increase in my email open rate!

Now, I’m not a fan of shady sales practices that trick us into opening emails, but once I opened the email;

The person formally introduced herself and said “We have never spoken, but I’m reaching out because I help companies” and then she gave me a quick overview of how she works with companies, just like mine.

She ended the email with a simple question . . .

“How does your calendar look at 9:45, on 8/22, for a quick call?”

It caught my attention.

It was honest, somewhat different, but;

There’s one thing, I’m fairly certain, this person WON’T do.

They’re probably so busy waiting for my reply, that they WON’T just go ahead and call me on 8/22 at 9:45.

Here’s a cool phrase to consider;

“I’m giving you a quick call, like I promised I would”

Here’s why it works;

  • It takes some of the “cold” out because you’re calling “like you promised you would”.
  • It shows that you are capable of respecting commitments and quite frankly, many sales reps aren’t!
  • It not only removes some of the “cold” from a voice mail, it sets up another opportunity for another promise.

By the way . . .

I’m a huge advocate of using one form of outreach to set up (and warm up) your next “touch”;

The way hers could have warmed up a follow up call.

And this whole business of “warming up a cold call” just begs the question . . .

Could one of the causes of phone objections simply be that we didn’t WARM up that cold call PRIOR to the call?

Give it a try and let me know how this works for you and if you’d like to know HOW to do it MORE effectively;

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