The Why, What & When Of A Good Sales Mix

by Paul Castain on February 26, 2011

I come across way too many sales professionals who only cling to one or perhaps two different ways of approaching prospects.

In today’s podcast we’re gonna “go there”!

We’ll start with how I define an effective sales mix and 4 solid reasons why you should consider it.

Next I offer several suggestions on how you can move beyond the phone as a stand alone new account acquisition strategy!

Just for the heck of it, we explore some additional activities that most sales people dismiss as “marketing activities”.

Note: I mention a cool book in the podcast that has helped me tremendously. It’s called Content Rules and you can check it out here

Now all of these ideas are useless unless we tie a bow on that bad boy by exploring . . .


I can tell you that it can be very challenging for us to juggle all the things we have going on in our world.

I offer 3 scheduling strategies for you to navigate your world, on your terms

1)    Money Hours Schedule: Here’s a free PDF with a sample money hours schedule I reference in the podcast.

2)    The Moonlighting Strategy: Here’s a podcast where I explain this concept in full detail. Please circle back to this once you go through today’s podcast. Dealio?

3) The 1-7-30-4-2-1 Plan: A cool way to be more strategic with your activity

Any who, I’d tell you more, but then you’d leave me all alone in my podcast and quite frankly it gets lonely in there!

One quick apology before you go: I don’t believe in doing a bunch of editing because I feel it loses the vibe I want to project. I’m battling a cold this week so you get to hear me cough a few times during the podcast. If coughing bothers you, please go get me some cough drops or something. Meanwhile . . . sorry dude!

I have some great content lined up for you if you will scroll down and have a listen. Now if you are not in the mood to further your growth this weekend, no worries. My suggestion would be to download this podcast on I-Tunes and allow me to be your educational companion during your drive time this week!

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