The Worst Thing You Can Do On New Year’s Eve

by Paul Castain on December 31, 2012

The worse thing you can do on New Year’s Eve is lose hope!

Perhaps you’ve dreamed before and have been disappointed?

Maybe you’ve grown accustomed to “life not being fair”?

Maybe you’ve lost belief in yourself?

Or maybe you think resolutions and goals are just a bullsh*t exercise we’re obligated to do this time of year?

Hope is like a ledge that we can climb up on when we feel we’re out of options.

It is a vantage point that allows us to see other options and that . . .

Fuels more hope!

Marry that hope with daily action and the flexibility and dedication to keep tweaking the plan until you realize your dream . . .

Then you have a version of you that never would have been possible if you allowed your dreams to get away from you.

You deserve it

You are worthy of it

Now go get it!


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