Think Before You Post

by Paul Castain on December 29, 2010

I’m seeing more and more people do things that make me wonder if they are taking a moment to think before they create.

Case(s) in point, I’ve watched videos of people trying to create a professional brand and yet they are doing the video in their sweats. Now granted, they were dressy sweats, but it still, screams of “I have given up and can’t be bothered” to paraphrase my friend Jerry Seinfeld.

I watched another video of some people riding to an appointment and it (unintentionally) resembled the road trip scene in Animal House.

So I want you to know that its perfectly OK to be yourself, just make sure its your best self.

Make sure everything you do, passes the 6 Judgments

1)    How you look

2)    How you act

3)    What you say

4)    How you say it

5)    Where you say it

6)    With whom you say it

Oh, and its perfectly cool to slow down and think before you post.

Your brand is depending on it my friend!

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