Think Before You Post

by Paul Castain on December 29, 2010

I’m seeing more and more people do things that make me wonder if they are taking a moment to think before they create.

Case(s) in point, I’ve watched videos of people trying to create a professional brand and yet they are doing the video in their sweats. Now granted, they were dressy sweats, but it still, screams of “I have given up and can’t be bothered” to paraphrase my friend Jerry Seinfeld.

I watched another video of some people riding to an appointment and it (unintentionally) resembled the road trip scene in Animal House.

So I want you to know that its perfectly OK to be yourself, just make sure its your best self.

Make sure everything you do, passes the 6 Judgments

1)    How you look

2)    How you act

3)    What you say

4)    How you say it

5)    Where you say it

6)    With whom you say it

Oh, and its perfectly cool to slow down and think before you post.

Your brand is depending on it my friend!

  • Kate Sutter

    Paul, Very good points. I think this applies to everything we do in life, not just our online branding, but also how we interact with our friends and families, and our conversations (in person or virtually) with each other.

    PS – Thank you for your continued dedication to spreading the rockstar sales word! I look forward to hearing from you every day.

  • Tina Porras

    I’m laughing so hard. Sorry but that was so funny! What you said is so true, great analogy! She is branding for Charmin, c’mon now!

  • Craig Wilson

    Thanks for the refresher Paul – very simple & easy, but easy to forget, too. Please, no more videos like this though, I’m gonna have nightmares for a month!

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  • Jacob Yount

    I’m not sure the ends justified the means in this case, funny but to echo Craig, was traumatic.

    Especially professionals need to realize what’s done online is just like doing it in public, but with a far greater reach and that can haunt you for a long time. Rockin’ New Year to all from China, thks for all the sharing, Paul

  • Paul Castain

    @ Kate: Couldn’t agree with you more and thank you for the kind words. Its a sincere honor to be able to give back!

    @ Tina: I think she is branding some poor SOB having to buy a new toilet

    @ Craig: I’m here to help and to induce nightmares whenever possible :)

    @ Jacob: You act as if no one makes singing sitting on the toilet videos in Asia dude :)

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop by and contribute!


  • Julie Weishaar

    Not quite sure what to say about that video LOL – it is actually a little scary! However your reminders are certainly helpful and valuable. Thanks for sharing and have a very happy new year!

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