This Is What A Doomed Sales Rep Looks Like!

by Paul Castain on January 16, 2014

Take a good look at that picture because that’s what a doomed sales rep looks like.

It’s the old dog (who could actually be quite young) but still refuses to learn a new trick.

It’s the sales rep who loves to say “everyone knows that” “that’s sales 101” and meanwhile, they haven’t done “what they know” since the beginning of time!

It’s the sales rep who let’s his or her ego get the best of them while they shut themselves off to the feedback of others.

It’s the rep who won’t crack open a book or splurge for a CD.

It’s the rep who never makes the time to learn.

Unfortunately, that’s the image that stares back at us in the mirror at various times of our life.

Confession: That’s how I looked right before I lost my first business and went broke in 1995!

My money is on the person who recognizes that, sees that and sends that dog back to its pillow!

Stop pretending you know so much . . . You don’t!

None of us do!

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