This Sermon Needs To Be Repeated!

by Paul Castain on March 14, 2013

I’ve told the story here before about an old Tony Robbins tale.

Tony tells the story of a minister who repeated the same, exact sermon each week for several weeks.

One week a few people approached the minister and very respectfully called the minister out for repeating the same sermon each week.

He responded by telling them that he was going to repeat the same sermon over and over until they actually lived it.

I sent out an important message earlier today and it didn’t get many views.

Don’t worry, you didn’t hurt my feelings but I find it ironic that a post on listening to people, and responding would not be received well by this community.

So at the risk of presenting a “repeated sermon” here’s the link to it again.

We need to to own this one because its a big problem considering the amount of noise that’s now out there thanks to technology.

And speaking of sermon . . . Can I at least get an “AMEN”?

  • Rick Howe

    Amen & Hallelujah!

  • paulcastain

    A welcomed “AMEN” from brother Rick!

    Thank you!

  • flosgym

    Amen & Blessed be!

  • paulcastain


  • paulcastain

    We have a few “AMENs” now we need a few people to testify :)

  • Bob Swartz

    I’m a clappin and a dancing in the aisle!!!

  • paulcastain


    Makes two of us Bob!

  • Patricia Wittkopp

    I bear witness to this testimony that Paul is receiving not only an amen but a hallelujah from me!

  • paulcastain

    Now if I can only get the choir to sing “Oh Happy Day” Patricia :)

  • Victor Clarke


  • Victor Clarke

    Oh lawd Jezus!  I hope others are responding.  Ain’t nobody got time for that! – Sweet Brown

  • paulcastain

    Thanks Victor!

  • paulcastain

    I live the “Ain’t nobody got time for that” lady! :)

  • korycochran

    Amen! Preach it brother Paul! 

  • paulcastain

    Thank you brother Kory! :)

  • Pete Primeau


  • paulcastain

    Thanks Pete!

    Cheers buddy!

  • Ana Carrera

    AMEN! (using the brevity tool) :)

  • paulcastain

    Thanks Ana . . . Long time no see!

  • Angie Blackwell

    Amen Paul!

  • Tim Mushey

    You had me at “Wedding Crashers Wedding Scene”! I am posting a comment right now! Thanks for giving us a good kick in the butt about this crucial topic…

  • paulcastain

    Thanks Angie!

  • paulcastain

    Ha! Nothing better than a good Wedding Crashers reference :)

    Thanks Time!

  • Steve Stookey

    Amen, Paul!  Thanks so much for all you do to share your wisdom!
    Best to you!Steve

  • paulcastain

    Thank YOU Steve!

    Much appreciated!

  • Tim Mushey

     You bet Paul! Love that show…

  • Rich Filar

    It is important to re-listen to the Sales Playbook podcast to be a superstar—Do it instead of listening to Sports Radio or Top 20

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