This Will Stop You 56 Times Today!

by Paul Castain on September 12, 2013

And for my encore question . . . What will rob you of 2.1 hours today?

Unfortunately, these aren’t random numbers. That crazy “56 times” thing is the amount of times, on average, we are interrupted from what we are doing each day! It’s based on an article written by Wendy Cole for Time Magazine. The 2.1 hours is based on a study conducted by NYC research firm BASEX where they found that 2.1 hours of our day are wasted due to interruptions!

Now if these numbers are correct, you and I lose approximately 1 work week each month and about 3 months each year because of interruptions to our work. I wonder just how many of those interruptions are unnecessary?

Have you ever taken a close look at your day or do you find yourself too busy . . . being interrupted :)

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