Two Payments Are Lighter Than One!

by Paul Castain on August 29, 2013

It was exactly one year ago that I launched my Online Sales Program and while there’s been 4 of these, there’s always new things that I learn based on the feedback from those in the program . . .

Sometimes you even learn a thing or two from those who were unable to take the program and that’s why I’m writing this today.

Several people have asked me if there was any way I could divide the investment into 2 payments . . .

So that’s what I just did (I literally set this up about 5 minutes before writing this) but . . .

At the same time, I really don’t want everyone waiting until the last minute to sign up for my courses anymore.

It adds a lot of extra work for me and that last week before we launch needs to be dedicated to those who are already in the program so . . .

If you believe in investing in yourself and you’d like to bring your skills up several notches while never leaving your computer screen then please enjoy the 2 payment option until Tuesday, September 3rd. After that point, no can do.

If by chance you’re holding out on enrolling because you’re thinking I might do some kind of last minute sale . . .

Don’t hold your breath . . . Homey don’t play that! I’ve never done it . . . Never will!

Last minute sales screw over all the people who invested early . . . I think that’s a horrible way to treat your customers!

Any who . . . Here’s a link to all the details (including pricing) and yes, I do discount whenever a company enrolls 2 or more. Just email me

I hope you’ll come back to school with us!

  • Jim Fortner

    Thanks Paul, I plan on attending the next class you have; I start a new job next week, so I will be waiting closely for the dates…have a great Labor Day!

  • paulcastain

    Hi Jim!

    We kick off on September 25th. Here’s a link to all the info. The option to do the 2 payment plan ends this Tuesday.

    Thanks and hope to “see” you there Jim!

  • Jim Fortner

    Sorry Paul, I may have been unclear. I will not be able to the class coming up as I have a lot of ramping up to do with my new company, but the class after this one. It’s a timing issue for me at the moment, but will definitely be there for the next Rock and Roll sales training! Thanks and again sorry for not being clear…

  • paulcastain

    Gotcha Jim!

    It looks like our next one will be in January I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks again!

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