Two Programs That I’d Like For You To Know About

by Paul Castain on October 4, 2012

I have two programs coming up this month that I would like for you to seriously consider.

The first program deals with something that most of us struggle with  . . . Time Management!

For those of you who have hired me to train your teams onsite, you know that I approach this topic very differently. Actually, “differently” is probably the wrong word, “aggressively” is more like it!

I approach this two part webinar in a fashion that will help you put a system in place with the goal of freeing up 20+ hours per month without getting up earlier or working later :)

This program begins this Tuesday, October 9th at 1:30 EST. Oh,  and don’t worry . . . I will be recording it in case that day and time doesn’t work for you, or you’d like to review all the awesome tips again (or even again if you find yourself digging what Uncle Paul has to say)

Please click here for more details, registration etc!

The other program, is my online sales training program.

I feel this next line was stolen from a bad infomercial but it happens to be true;

Companies pay me 10’s of thousands of dollars to train their entire sales forces on this system and I’ve made it available as an online program for  . . . 10’s of thousands of dollars less :) Be sure to thank the internet for that when you get a chance.

Here’s a really quick overview (I off a link with a more thorough description if you scroll down)

Session 1: Meticulous Pre Call Planning

Session 2: Traditional Prospecting Methods

Session 3: How To Use A Powerful “Sales Mix” To Generate Business

Session 4: Creating A Better Prospect Meeting

Session 5: Determining Needs By Asking Awesome Questions

Session 6: Presenting You Solutions With IMPACT

Session 7: Gaining Commitment

Session 8: Turning A “No” Into A “YES!!!”

Session 9: Actually, there isn’t a session 9 . . . I just wanted to see if you listened to me earlier when I said this is an 8 session course.

Early registration ends this Tuesday, the 9th. Register before then . . . and enjoy a handy dandy $100 discount.

Click here for details and a more thorough description of what you can expect during our time together!

The program is also discounted whenever there are 2 or more participants from the same company attending. Email me if you’d like to know the pricing structure for 2 or more.

I hope you’ll join us for these programs and as always . . .

I Look Forward To Learning With You!

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