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100 Ways To Start The New Year Stronger!

Posted November 30, 2014

This Wednesday,  December 3, 2014 we’ll be launching an online sales course that will truly marry the traditional ways of selling with many of the new ways you hear me talking about on this blog and on my podcasts.

There are well over 100+ tips in 8 sessions that we deliver live and then send the recording out so you can go at your own pace.

Here’s what we’ll cover . . .

Session 1: Meticulous Pre Call Planning. We’ll talk about 5 really bad “Google” mistakes most sales reps make and how you can use Pre Call Planning to warm up those “cold calls”!

Session 2: Prospecting Part I In this session, we’ll talk about  phone techniques, overcoming objections etc. We’ll even get into some really cool things you can do to help you with nervousness and call reluctance . . . You’re welcome!

Session 3: Prospecting Part II In this session, we’ll talk about how you can leverage stuff like email, social networks and creative things to help you stand out with your prospect’s!

Session 4: How To Create A More Productive Prospect Meeting. We’ll talk about how you can immediately take control of your meetings (without being controlling), an absolutely killer question you need to start asking and the 5 “insurance” policies you must take out during your time together! We’ll also talk about some really important stuff you need to do to keep your deal alive after that meeting ends!

Session 5: Determining Needs. You’ll learn 5 awesome questioning techniques with a guarantee from yours truly not to regurgitate any of that “open questions/closed questions” crap. Been there, done that and I bet you have too! Instead, I’ll show you how you can emotionally charge your prospects to get them off the old fence of “no decision” and over to something we like to call “A decision” I know . . . cool concept, this is why I make the big bucks!

Session 6: Presenting Your Solutions With IMPACT You’ll learn how to bring a certain part of your offering to life that 99.9% of the sales population misses entirely. We’ll talk about how you can eliminate  hesitations your prospect might have and maybe even set the rules of engagement  so your competitors have to play a defensive game!

Session 7: Gaining Commitment That old “Always Be Closing” thing is a tad antiquated these days so we’ll explore techniques designed to have them “buying” without you having to use any of that really awful “If I could show you a way to ___________ would you seriously consider . . . “ monkey style kung fu!

Session 8: Turning A “No” Into A “Yes” Let’s face it, as good as we all like to think we are, people are going to tell us “no”. Now what? I’ll give you a little hint (don’t tell anyone) You need a plan from the word “No” and Uncle Paul has you covered!

Good News/Bad News . . .

The good news is that if you sign up you’ll learn more than a few things to help you start the new year stronger but;

The bad news is that the price will be going up $100 if you choose to wait for one of the courses starting in 2015!

Contact me for special pricing on 2 or more

Click here for more info or this gigundo red button but please do it soon because registration ends on December 2nd!

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