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Beach Chair Jedis And The Meaning Of Life

Posted May 31, 2014

Life is such a balancing act. Isn’t it?

On one hand, we want to conquer the world and get a fresh ding in the universe, on the other hand, we want to enjoy our lives.

There is a middle of the road you know!

Enter the “Beach Chair Jedi”

This time of year is the perfect time of year to take your favorite beach chair

and make some of your calls outside!

Stop by the local park at lunch time and do some of your work while digging a great summer day!

Managers, you can become a way cool “Beach Chair Jedi” by taking that team meeting  outside! Kind of goes a long way to unsuckify it, no?

Maybe you could even train with your favorite, bald sales trainer this summer while kicking back too!

How about surprising your kid by showing up to practice or their game?  Sounds like a rather special “Beach Chair Jedi” moment!

I would keep a beach chair in the trunk of your car because sometimes the best “Beach Chair Jedi” moments, are those that come to us rather spontaneously!

And you know what folks? Sometimes we need to know when to shut off work so we can make it home in time to be a “Beach Chair Jedi” at home too!


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