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Your Competitors Aren’t Doing This (So Maybe You Should)

Posted March 9, 2018

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To a potential client, you and your competitors look and sound the same and;

You all seem to love ringing their phone off the hook and blasting their inbox.

So how do you get them to at least hear you out when there are lots of people and lots of things;

Competing for their attention?

For starters, you DON’T approach them same way as your competitor does.

Here’s something that takes only a few minutes but delivers quite a bit of IMPACT!

Send them a very specific handwritten card.

Noticed how I said “very specific”?

We’ll get to that in a minute but first;

I had note cards made up with my company branding on the front

And blank on the inside.

I start my note off with something hardly anyone does;

I start off with something about the recipient and their company instead of something about me!

Time Out: Most sales messages start with something about the sender’s company. That’s a mistake and its very typical.

After I greet them, I like to use the following fill in the blank phrase


Maybe I noticed that they are new with the company.

I may have noticed that they have an upcoming product launch or they are expanding their sales force.

Then I make them hungry by hinting at an idea, a result, a solution, I’d like to share but;

The final part increases my odds of being heard.


A typical call to action invites the recipient to do something like

“Click Here” or “Call This Number” etc.

The reverse call to action tactic creates anticipation because;

You tell them what to expect next from YOU.

Example: “I will be calling you next Thursday, at 9:45 am to share a few ideas with you that can help with _____”

Just out of curiosity . . .

How many handwritten intro’s has your potential client received from your competitors?

I’m guessing ZERO!

How many handwritten note cards have they received that start off with something they actually care about?

Can you say “ZILCH”?

How many handwritten note cards have they received that left them eagerly anticipating a phone call from your competitor?

I’m thinking NIL!

And I don’t think you have to worry about your potential client saying.

“Just go ahead and put your handwritten note in the pile of all the other handwritten notes I’ve been getting.”

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March 23rd at 11:30 am EST

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