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  • This post is timely.
    Two weeks ago I received a nice note from a former client about my blog. She’s one of my rare local clients. So, I emailed her back and asked to meet for coffee. We had never met before. I coach the majority of my clients by phone.
    What a wonderful 90 minutes we spent together. We laughted, exchanged intellectual intoxicating conversation, and formed a new connection.
    Connection takes energy.

    • “Connection takes energy” . . . So true Steve!
      When we really break it down, there can be many different types of relationships.

      The real shame is that there are still people who won’t embrace the minimum effort with their clients.

      But what an opportunity for those who “get it”!

      Thanks Steve!

  • Debbie

    One more plus for social media — my first thought was sounds good Paul but how do you keep in contact with everyone regularly (dah).

    Have a great day,

    • Alerts can be helpful too. I can have an alert set to “send Debbie a birthday card for her birthday” etc.

      I recognize that no one is perfect when it comes to these things but at a minimum, a client should know they are doing business with your company.

      Enjoy your day as well Debbie . . . Thanks!

  • Jay Fusci

    Paul, Thanks again for stating the obvious! We all can use a reminder! You are so right and every sales rep who has a little downtime should be hitting the dormant accounts and keep track of the touches.
    Steve, I love your last line, “Connection takes energy”.   

  • Jabba

    Not a good thing! As I owned an Insurance Agency for 10 years and reviews with your insureds are important on many levels. Happily, the company I placed my business with, would give you accounts that became “Orphaned” when an agent sold his/her agency or retired. These accounts paid one half renewal commission until you got with the insureds and reviewed their policies and made your recommendations at which time they converted to full renewals and they became a full part of your book of business. Reunderwriting one’s book of business is usually a normal ongoing business task or obligation of what an Insurance agent does.

    • Great point Dan . . . so I’m thinking it can be quite profitable to keep a client happy and continuing to buy.

      Thanks Dan . . . almost appreciate your insight my friend!

  • Great perspective Paul, with a humorous twist! This looks very silly on the surface, but I think we know that this is more common then we want to believe. You hit the nail on the head when you pointed out that your insurance needs had certainly changed over the past 10 years. Next time, you could maybe throw a “What have you done for me lately?” at them! Thanks again.

    • Yep. I would think that one’s client base would be considered low hanging fruit, but then again, nothing really surprises me anymore 🙂

      Thank you Tim!

  • Bruce Bixler

    Paul this could also pertain to your Social Media profiles. Keeping in touch regularly with your connections so they don’t become orphans.

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