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An Easy Way To Stay In Touch With Your Most Important Contacts

Posted January 9, 2018

Staying in touch with ALL of your clients, prospects, people in your social network, etc, can be quite the daunting task!

That’s why many sales reps miss opportunities!

But how do you possibly stay in touch when you have what experts refer to as a “shitton of people” you’re trying to develop and maintain relationships with?

Embrace The Power Of “Keep In Touch Tuesdays”!

As you must have brilliantly deduced by now, “Keep in touch Tuesdays” involve Tuesdays, but you can easily use any part of any day of the week for this but;

Just change the name because having a “Keep in touch Tuesday” on a Thursday will most probably incite a random drug test at work.

Here’s how it works;

Pick your most important contacts from those you hope to work with to those you’re already working with.

Keep a running list.

Set a recurring reminder on your calendar then;

Once a week, attack part of that list and, wait for it, wait for it;

Keep in touch!

My advice is to always keep your “courtships” interesting by changing up your form of outreach (phone, email, snail mail, greeting cards, FedEx, drop in, drop off, something via LinkedIn or another social network) and;

Vary the message when you reach out.


Pick up the phone and call to say hi.

Send a no strings attached resource or an idea.

Play matchmaker and introduce them to someone they should know.

Send an invite for lunch or coffee.

Send along something that’s appropriately fun or funny.

How about surprising them with something?

Comment on their status update.

Invite them to an industry or local event.

Ask them a question.

You don’t have to keep in touch weekly with each person on your list, in fact;

You could divide your list into manageable, bite sized, weekly chunks.

Here’s the thing;

Perhaps our biggest challenge is that we’re a bit overwhelmed when we look at the massive amount of people we’re trying to stay in touch with.

What if we broke it down to the most important ones the;

Broke it down into weekly, bite sized chunks, and then;

Focused on them first?

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