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How To Get A Prospect’s Attention With Snail Mail

Posted December 7, 2017

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Houston, we have a problem!

Most sales reps think of snail mail for one thing, and one thing only;

“Thank you” cards/notes!

While I can’t disagree with the importance of sending a “Thank you” card, we’re neglecting several other ways we can (and should) be using snail mail to complement our other sales efforts.

I have a bit of a confession to make . . .

I lied when I told you that there were 13 ways to leverage snail mail.

I’m actually going to help you discover way more!


By having you answer the following 13 questions I’ve prepared for you  and challenging you to come up with at least 3 answers for each.

Do that and you’ll have at least 39 ways to stand out by using snail mail and;

39 ways OTHER than sending “Thank you” cards!

You’re welcome!

13 Ways To Get A Prospect’s Attention With Snail Mail;

  1. In what ways can I use snail mail to introduce my company?
  2. In what ways can I do something creative via snail mail?
  3. In what ways can I use snail mail to highlight my expertise?
  4. In what ways can I use snail mail to send along “evidence” to reduce doubt, skepticism and hesitation?
  5. In what ways can I use snail mail to pass along a resource, idea or suggestion?
  6. In what ways can I use snail mail to set up (and create anticipation) for the next “touch”.
  7. In what ways can I use snail mail to create anticipation for an upcoming client or prospect meeting?
  8. In what ways can I use snail mail to stay top of mind between meetings with a prospect?
  9. In what ways can I use snail mail to complement my social networking activities?
  10. In what ways can I use snail mail to complement my traditional networking activities?
  11. In what ways can I use snail mail to stay top of mind with a client?
  12. In what ways can I use snail mail to raise my client’s awareness of ALL the products/services I can provide?
  13. In what ways can I use snail mail to generate more referrals?

Trying To Get A Buyer’s Attention? Good Luck With That!

Sometimes it feels like we’re invisible to our potential clients!

We call.

We leave messages that go unanswered.

We send emails that that aren’t responded to and yet somehow we hope that eventually, they’ll grant us an appointment, and hear us out!

Meanwhile . . .

We have quotas.

We have bills to pay and . . .

It can be really frustrating to “keep plugging away”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit more control of your hunting process?

On December 14th, at 11:30 am EST, I’ll be hosting a special online webinar to help YOU, get the attention of a buyer, who finds it way too easy to forget about you!

Here’s what you’ll discover by joining us . . .

  • 1 simple phrase that will capture someone’s attention whether it be in an email or by phone.
  • How to dramatically increase the probability of getting through to your potential client. Did you ever wish you could get someone to pick up their phone when you call? This tactic will help!
  • 2 voicemail messages that will set you apart.
  • 2 psychological tactics that will compel people to respond to you (without positioning yourself as a jerk)
  • 2 email subject lines that will get a potential client’s attention.
  • 2 different ways of reaching out to a potential client that 99.9% of your competitors aren’t doing.
  • 4 things you can do via your social network to get more appointments with decision makers.
  • 3 things you can do at your next networking event to stand out.
  • How to use “Communication Mapping” to get on the radar screen and 5 sample “Maps” to help you stand out!
  • 10 examples of how your peers are using “Creative Door Openers” to set more appointments.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll have several new ideas to jump start your hunting efforts!

What Do You Get?

(1) 90 minute webinar with over 30 tactics


Webinar Replay

A really cool PDF with over 40 ideas to help you get your potential client’s attention.

What’s The Investment?


Can’t join us on December 14th?

Purchase the webinar anyway and I’ll send you the replay,worksheets etc later that day. View it whenever you’d like.

Please click HERE to secure your spot now.


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