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How To Get A Decision Maker To Answer Their Phone (Without Being An A Pain In The Ass)

Posted December 3, 2018

How do you get a busy decision maker to pick up the phone?

First, let’s talk about what NOT to do.

  1. When you call and get voice mail, don’t hang up and immediately call back.
  2. If you like to hang up, and immediately call back, when you get voice mail, don’t hang up and repeat the process.
  3. Just in case you didn’t get the point of the first two suggestions, let me spell it out for you;

You’re irritating the heck out of someone and will probably succeed in not only getting them to pick up their phone, but get an immediate “Stop calling me” response!

So what CAN you do to get someone to pick up the phone???

You could intentionally call the wrong extension and say something like “Oh I’m sorry, I was actually trying to reach ________, could you transfer me?”

Calls that are transferred look differently on many phone systems and you might get a knee jerk reaction in the form of them picking up the phone.

If you’re ballsy, you could go back to the switchboard,  ask someone to page that person. Not one of my favorite things to do but hey, maybe you could play that one off.

You could use a “Potato Chip” and my Reverse Call To Action tactic.

Or you could use the creative prospecting techniques I’m going to be sharing in several of the sessions during our Rock Star Academy program!

Here’s the deal . . . 

I’m going to take you “backstage” and share the step by step system my clients and I have been using to grow our sales.

I’m going to provide you with templates for email, phone, voicemail, social networking, networking, handwritten notes, and asking for referrals.

I’m going to share actual examples (no theory or philosophical crap on my watch).

And I’m going to deliver this in a way that changes the way you feel about “sales training” for the better!

Please allow me to present . . .

There are 13 pre-recorded modules so you can go at your own pace. NO, you won’t have to try and make it at a predetermined time, because there ISN’T any!

Here’s what I have planned for you;

Session 1: Creating An Effective Prospecting Plan

Session 2 : 20 Ways To Create Opportunities

Session 3: Meticulous Pre-Call Planning

Session 4: Cold Emails That Get Opened, Read, and Responded To

Session 5: A Cure For The Common Cold Call.

Session 6: Social Selling Tactics

Session 7: Network Like A Pro

Session 8: How To ROCK Your Referrals

Session 9: How To Get Your Dream Client’s Attention

Session 10: Creating A Kick-Ass Prospecting Cadence

Session 11: How To Take Control Of Your Prospect Meetings

Session 12: Presenting Your Solutions With IMPACT!

Session 13: Negotiate Like A Pro


You’ll get your first prerecorded session on Monday, January 10th, and then a new session will arrive every Monday after that.

What’s included?

(13) 45-90 Minute Pre-Recorded Sessions Delivered Once to Twice Per Week Starting January 10, 2019

Worksheets For Each Session

Homework Assignments

Templates (Actually A Ton Of Templates)

3 Bonus e-Books

Email Access To Paul Castain To Answer Any Course Related Questions and To Get Feedback On Your Assignments.

What’s the investment?

Normally $799 But if you register BEFORE December 10th, it’s only $499!

Please click HERE ASAP to lock in on the savings and secure your spot in this program.

… and never miss a beat!
Your Information will never be shared with any third party.
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