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The Importance Of Mixing Up Your Prospecting Efforts

Posted July 7, 2018

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There’s a question that I’ve been asking participants in my sales training programs and it immediately changes the tone.

The room typically goes silent, eye contact is usually broken, and for about 20 seconds or so; it gets a tad awkward.

Before I tell you what the question is, please ask your ego to go wait in the car before answering it.

Here goes . . .

Besides the phone and email, what else do you have in your toolbox (that you’re actually using) to reach out to (and even attract) potential clients?

If you’re like most people . . . you don’t have anything because you rely too much on the phone and email!

Time Out: Let’s clear the air about something. This is the part where you might get sh*tty because you feel I just insulted the cold call. Nope! And you can rest assured that I’m not one of those idiots running around saying “the cold call is dead!”

I just think your calls (cold, warm, luke warm or “George Costanza shrinkage” type of cold) are really lonely and need some companionship from other ways of reaching out and attracting potential clients!

I will also tell you, straight up, that you’re limiting your results because not everyone responds to calls and email the way you do.

But I don’t get __________

There are some of you who don’t “get” snail mail, FedEx, dropping something off, or dropping in on a potential client.

When it comes to traditional networking, you don’t “get” it.

Maybe you don’t “get” social networking.

Perhaps you don’t “get” why someone would use creativity, referrals, and warm intros.

And who knows, maybe you don’t “get” why someone like me uses content as part of their overall approach but;

Here’s the part where the sensitive people need to stop reading.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Your potential clients don’t give a sh*t what you “get” because they’re too busy embracing what THEY “get”.

This was NEVER about YOU, although;

YOU need to develop a well balanced “sales mix”!

Doing so will immediately help you stand out from your competitors who are (wait for it) . . . only using phone and email.

Adding something like LinkedIn will help you bypass “gatekeepers” because there AREN’T any on LinkedIn.

Utilizing creativity not only helps you stand out, but it DEMONSTRATES that you are capable of thinking differently than your competitors.

Stepping outside the typical forms of outreach will demonstrate that you AREN’T typical.

I believe you will be heard. Why? Because if all you’re doing is calling and immediately following up with an email, you might be boring the heck out of your prospect. Many of the other forms of outreach aren’t as noisy. You DO know that phone and email are the noisiest, right?

Mixing it up keeps it interesting for them and quite selfishly . . . for you too! As sales professionals we’re not wired to do only one or two things (like phone and email). We like variety.

Mixing it up allows you to maximize your efforts because each touch, can now reinforce the touch before it or the very next one. Your efforts now work in unison instead the “one off” approach you’ve been embracing.

And don’t kid yourself, you’re absolutely, positively going to need a plan to make all of this work.

By the way . . .

The first two sessions of our Sales Camp program focus on that plan.

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