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Packaging “Added Value” With Your Clients

Posted February 11, 2018

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I placed an order with a printer on the west coast and was completely blown away by an email I received from them a few days later.

They told me they valued my business (a really cool way to get someone’s attention by the way) and went on to say that because they valued my business, I was receiving a free turnaround time upgrade.

Note: I kind of felt like the Dad in A Christmas Story after he won that “major award” but I’m digressing because . . .

The way coolness of this incident didn’t stop there . . .

1 day later, the doorbell rings (actually that’s not true, my dog started going all kinds of ape sh*t which usually means someones at the door or the kids aren’t letting her watch Animal Planet on the TV) I answer the door and it’s UPS delivering my printing order!

So not only did they upgrade my turnaround time, they upgraded the delivery I had selected for this order.

They get an all caps, bold BRAVO for that!

There are several points of brilliance in this simple act that need to go into our sales playbooks!

1)    They surprised me! Everybody loves a surprise (good surprises)! They did so by exceeding expectations not once . . . but twice!

2)    They didn’t just give me something and expect me to connect the dots, they PACKAGED the value by telling me what they did, and giving it a way cool name like “Turnaround Upgrade”. A putz like me probably would have just said “Surprise I have your order early” which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue!

3)    Not only did they tell me that my business was important, they took it to the next level . . . they expressed it through their actions. Sales reps tell people all kinds of things, but proving it, well that brings things to a whole new level!

4)    None of this broke the bank! For all I know their presses were dead and they were all sitting around playing with the dinger on the cash register. Doesn’t matter it was still a move well played!

The fifth thing they did is so valuable, that it needs to be separated from the other things . . .

They didn’t do this for me because I’m some big client. Quite the contrary!

This is only my second order with them. I can assure you that no one is building an additional wing on their estate from the profits on the Castain Training Systems account but . . .

They’ve created a winning relationship.

They’ve competitor-proofed their business with me.

They’ve created a relationship where I am happy to recommend their services, after the second order!

You know what folks, sometimes we get too comfortable with our relationships and we forget;

The importance of cementing our relationships . . . One WOW at a time!

We’re going to be talking more about Wowing and GROWING your accounts during our How To Grow Existing Accounts webinar.

We’re going to discuss:

  • Where you might be in danger of losing accounts (unbeknownst to you).
  • How to “WOW” your customers into telling your competitors to get lost!
  • How to avoid getting “pigeonholed” as a supplier of one type of product/service and meanwhile you offer other things that your client buys from your competitors. Sucks, doesn’t it?
  • How to create client visits that create BETTER outcomes for both you and your client.
  • How to create a communication plan that executes way better than that “Calling to check in” nonsense.
  • How to cross sell, up sell and;
  • How to get WAY More referrals and testimonials.


February 22nd at 11:30 am EST and if you can’t make it I’ll send you the webinar replay.

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