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How Your Peers LEVERAGE The Summer Selling Season

Posted June 28, 2018

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When it comes to your competitors, do you feel you’re different?

Then stop approaching your potential clients the same way your competitors are doing it!

Summer is a great time to stand out big time!

Here are a few of the things your peers have been doing;

They Utilize “Summer Specific” Messaging

One of my coaching clients sells security software and uses the subject line “Hackers never take a vacation”,

Many of my printing clients create free guides, webinars, etc designed to help marketers get more bang for the summer print and direct mail budget.

With the July 4th holiday upon us here in the U.S., why not reach out to wish your potential client a “Happy and Healthy 4th”.

When you get an “Out of Office” reply that mentions that they’ll be on vacation, make a note to ask how their vacation was.

Several of my clients send out “Weekender” type of messages alerting potential clients of events, movies, festivals etc going on in the local area.

They Leverage Prospect/Client Events

Neil Wood hosts client dinners at local outdoor venues. He typically invites 5-10 of his clients (and significant others).

They have lots of laughs, they expand their network, they feel appreciated and;

Neil typically walks away with several referrals!.

How about hosting a “Summer Specific” seminar or webinar?

They Leverage “Summer Specific” Creativity.

Margaret Harmon sent me a really cool beach ball with a handwritten note. Guess how many beach balls and handwritten notes I received from Margaret’s competitors?

Many of my clients create fun “summer kits” to send to their prospects.

There’s even some really cool things you can do with food over the summer but;

In what ways will YOU leverage the summer to stand apart from a world of way too many “Me Too” sales reps?

Oh, and one more thing . . .

Many of your peers win simply by outworking the majority of their competitors;

Who are busy slacking because they feel its useless to put in the work over the summer!

Was this helpful?

I have 25 more ideas I’m going to be sharing during a special bonus session of our Summer Sales Camp program.

It’s 100 tips and tactics, 15 sales email templates, 1 cold call template, 4 voicemail templates, 1 agenda statement template, and a really cool PDF with 100 sales questions.

Here’s what we’ll cover . . .

Session I

  • 30 ways to find potential clients who have a higher probability of needing what you sell TODAY.
  • How to research quickly and efficiently so it doesn’t become your life’s work.
  • 33 ways to approach a potential client.
  • 3 ways to dramatically increase the probability of someone taking your call instead of letting it go to voicemail.
  • Creating a prospecting cadence that maximizes exposure, while limiting something experts refer to as “Becoming a pain in the ass”.
  • 15 email templates that get opened, read and responded to.

Session II 

  • How to embrace a “gatekeeper” as a partner vs some cranky keeper of the gate!
  • How to craft an objection resistant dialogue that gets their attention from “Hello”. I’m also going to send you a template you can IMMEDIATELY apply.
  • 12 ways to proactively prevent skepticism, doubt, resistance and I might as well say it, OBJECTIONS!
  • A 3 step formula for responding to 95% of the objections you get on a regular basis.
  • 3 really cool tactics to use when someone asks you to send them information.
  • 4 types of voice mails that will capture the recipient’s attention. I’m also going to send you the templates.

Session III 

  • The one question you MUST ask the minute you set the appointment.
  • The Pre Appointment Packet you need to get into your prospect’s hands BEFORE your meeting.
  • A template that will help you take immediate control of your next prospect meeting (without having you come across as pushy or manipulative).
  • 12 tactics that safeguard your deal from obstacles, stalls and objections.
  • 5 Types of questions (with examples) that jumpstart your prospect’s emotions while forging your credibility.
  • How to disqualify competitors WITHOUT badmouthing them.

Session IV 

  • The one question you MUST ask BEFORE presenting your solutions.
  • 3 things to include in your proposals that your competitors WON’T!
  • How to keep the discussion from going prematurely to price.
  • 12 ways to REDUCE doubt, skepticism and objections while keeping your deal moving forward.
  • How to keep the attention of ALL of the stakeholders, better yet, how to keep them actively involved in the meeting!
  • How to ask for the business WITHOUT getting all “salesy”.
  • How to negotiate like a pro!
  • A communication plan that addresses THE most dangerous time with your prospects . . . The time between meetings!

FREE Bonus Session: 25 Ways To ROCK Your Sales This Summer

  • 3 ways to create URGENCY with your prospects and clients
  • 10 email tactics that will help you capture your prospect’s attention (and get more responses)
  • 2 “Summer Specific Attention Getters”
  • 2 ways to triple your referrals
  • 3 ways to generate more business with your existing clients
  • 3 ways to handle “Call me back after Labor Day”
  • A ridiculously simple summer communication plan you can implement the moment I teach it to you
  • How to leverage the summer instead of dreading it
  • How to outwork your competitors this summer (and still enjoy the heck out of yours)

So what do you get?

(4) 90 minute pre-recorded sessions with worksheets.

Bonus session

15 sales email templates

1 cold calling template

4 voicemail template

PDF with 100 sales questions

Castain’s Agenda Statement template

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