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Rethinking The Sales Voicemail

Posted May 16, 2018


When was the last time you really stepped back and really thought about the voicemails you’ve been leaving?

Most of us get so used to leaving voicemails, it becomes habit and we do so without much thought.

And that, right there, might be killing us!

Here are 3 ways for you to rethink the voice mails you’ve been leaving.

It Always Begins With Awareness!

Get used to keeping either a digital recorder by your phone or use the recording app on your smart phone to record your end of your outbound calls.

Get in the habit of going back and listening to yourself (much like a sports team watching the game tape).

How are you coming across? Do you sound mechanical and scripted or relaxed and conversational? Do you sound confident? How were your “Ums” and “You knows”? Did you ramble or did you stay on point? How about the actual message? Was it compelling? Did it pass the “So What?” test?

Stop Leaving The Same Damn Message Already! 

You absolutely must change up your messaging, otherwise you condition people to disregard and delete you.

Change up HOW you word things. Change up the gist of your message, in other words, don’t just call with the intent of selling them something or making an appointment to sell them something, call to share an idea, a resource, invite them to an event, ask a question, ask their permission to introduce them to someone you feel would be beneficial.

How about injecting some humor, or make them hungry by leaving a “potato chip” of info that makes them want more?

Think About It! 

Carve out some quiet thinking time and ask yourself the following question;

“In what ways can I change up the voicemails I’ve been leaving?”

If you want something from your brain, you need to ask for it and chances are, you’ve never really slowed down enough to ask!

Sales Managers/VP of Sales: You might even want to brainstorm this one with your sales team. Might make for a more productive sales meeting 🙂

So there you have it, 3 simple ways for you to step back, and rethink your voice mails.

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