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You Have The Right To Remain Silent

Posted January 13, 2018

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We’re quickly becoming a society where people prefer to put their head down and remain silent instead of . . .

Getting involved and interacting.


This is happening every day on SOCIAL networking platforms.

People love to collect a bunch of names and then do a whole lotta NOTHING after that.

No commenting, reaching out, getting involved in groups and even responding to others in many cases.

Then they write off social networking as useless and profess that they “Don’t get social networking”

Here’s the thing . . .

Image result for charlie chaplin sceneThey actually WOULD get social networking if they committed to getting off their ass to get;

Wait for it . . .


This isn’t just about social networking by the way . . .

It’s about those who take the time to go to a networking event and then exercise their “right to remain silent” after the event when;

They do absolutely NOTHING with all those business cards they collected.

It’s also about how many people go through life . . .

Silent and safe!

Stop putting your head down!

Silence doesn’t become you and . . .

Know that there’s a bunch of us out here who are missing out on your awesomeness!

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