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A Tale Of A Sales Rep Who Lost His Second Largest Account

Posted February 17, 2018

A long time ago, in a far away time called “1991”;

There was this young printing salesman who made a mistake that he didn’t realize for many years.

He needed a source for a product his client requested and;

Ended up buying it from someone who was actually buying it from someone else and marking it up.

This obviously resulted in the print salesman’s client paying a super inflated price but;

Nobody knew any better and no one was complaining!

One day, the young printing salesman found a new source, at a WAY LOWER PRICE and;

Decided to never pass along the savings to the client.

The profit was now insane and they bought lots and lots of the product.

Life was good and the young print salesman made mucho dinero.

This went on for over a year until the young print salesman received a call from the owner of the company;

Demanding an explanation why they were paying 200% more!

The conversation didn’t go well and the young man lost his second largest account.

Unlike other fairy tales, this one doesn’t end with someone living happily ever after.

It took forever to replace that account and;

The young sales rep had a sense of regret that followed him the rest of his career.

Unfortunately, it was me!

Making money is a good thing and its nothing you should ever be ashamed of but;

I chose to be dishonest and it cost me dearly.

Not just in lost revenue but;

In integrity!

Honesty and looking out for our client’s best interests must always take priority!

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