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The 3 Opportunities We Can Miss Going Into A Holiday Week

Posted June 27, 2016

My message going into a holiday week is simple . . .

Don’t be challenged by holidays, LEVERAGE THEM!!!

There are 3 absolutely awesome opportunities going into a holiday week, that many of your competitors are going to miss.

And sadly, you might miss them too, if all you do is consume today’s blog post without taking ACTION.

  1. Holidays give us an opportunity to change up our messaging and changing up our messaging keeps us from boring the recipient. Sales is a courtship that never ends. It’s our job to keep that courtship interesting or we will surely get disregarded and deleted. The problem, is that most sales reps spew a message that reeks of “I’d like to sell you something” or “I’m touching base, following up, circling back . . . to sell you something” A holiday weekend hands you a different message on a platter. Now you can call wishing them a great holiday weekend. You can ask what they have planned, you could send them an email with some of the festivities that are going on in the local area, you could stop by with some kind of fun “holiday kit” (include Tequila in mine por favor). That’s one way to LEVERAGE a holiday.
  2. There’s less noise leading up to and immediately following a holiday weekend Many a sales rep will either mentally check out or do admin during this time. I don’t know about you, but I like to communicate when there’s less noise. Look how this is starting to come together. We start with a message that’s fun, festive and a change from the typical “I want to sell you something”message. Then we deliver that message during a time when there’s less noise. And that brings us to . . .
  3. People tend to lighten up and become more “festive” around holidays Think I’m kidding? Watch what happens in your own office. And not to beat the sh*t out of a point, but many people are festive because they’ve mentally checked out. They’re thinking of heading off to the beach this weekend or the barbecues and the beers. Truth be told, I’m thinking of a filet mignon I bought that is (no exaggeration) as big as a small child. See, right there, you could have sold me something because I was in a great mood thinking about the weekend. Now when people are in a fun and festive mood, they become more conversational. When people become more conversational, you bond, you learn things, they learn things, and YOU, my friend, stand out from the slackers who think its pointless to actually work on the Friday prior to a holiday.

So let’s take a look at what we actually have going in our favor.

First, we have a different message that’s fun and not typical

Next, we deliver it at a time when there’s less noise

We deliver that to a person who’s in a fun and festive mood

I see a recipe for success instead of some myth that its pointless to actually work for the next two weeks.

My message with holidays is simple.

Take time to slow down, you certainly deserve it.

If you’re going to take time off, do it, guilt free!

But if you’re going to add a bunch of “admin days” because you bought into some bullsh*t myth,

Then you need to understand that you’re missing opportunities.

This summer, YOUR Competitors will most probably wimp out and not do a damn thing to build their sales chops.

Perhaps you could do the opposite and join us for our Rock Star Academy program?

It all takes place on your computer screen, so there are no airports, hotels and time away from your family.

We deliver each session live and then send out the recording, so you can go at your own pace.

Our focus is going to be 3 non negotiable selling skills;

How to Get In Front Of More Opportunities

How To Nurture Opportunities

How To Bring More Opportunities Across The Finish Line

Here’s the plan . . .

Part I (“The Concert”)

  • Session 1: 20 Ways To Create Opportunities.
  • Session 2: Meticulous Pre Call Planning.
  • Session 3: How To Get Your Email Open, Read and Responded To
  • Session 4: A Cure For The Common Cold Call
  • Session 5: How To Sell MORE Via Your Social Network
  • Session 6: How To Network Like A Pro (And ROCK Your Referrals)
  • Session 7: How To Break The 8 Second Attention Span Barrier
  • Session 8: A Complete Comnunication System To Get You In The Door (And Exit With A New Client)
  • Session 9: How To Take Control Of Your Prospect/Client Meetings
  • Session 10: How To Position Yourself As The Logical Choice
  • Session 11: How To Close MORE Deals (And Win Back The Ones You’ve Lost)

Part II (“The Encore”)

  • Most training ends right about here. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if there were some additional things in place to help drive the content home? That’s why I thought I’d offer my aspiring sales rock stars, an “ENCORE”!
  • Once you complete the 11 sessions, I’m going to send you a weekly email, for 3 months, reinforcing and expanding upon the course material.
  • I’m going to send you 5 eBooks complete with ideas and exercises to help you ROCK your new skills!
  • At the end of the 3 months, I’m going to send you a special 60 minute review webinar.

What You Get, Pricing, Etc . . .

(11) 60 minute training sessions


10 Email Templates                                                                                                    backstage a
“Warm Calling” Template

3 Voicemail Templates

5 Social Networking Templates

Prospect Meeting Template

Follow Up Template

Requesting A Referral Template

Requesting A Testimonial Template

Recordings of each session (Always sent within 24 hours of the live session)

Email access to Paul Castain during entire time of the program

3 months of reinforcement emails from Paul (Emails begin after the 11th session)

5 eBooks (Sent out at various times during 3 months following 11th session)

Special Reinforcement Webinar (Sent at the end of the 3 months of reinforcement)


3 easy payments of $399.67

Special Discounts (and Extras)

I discount when you enroll 2 or more in this program.

I’m also offering some cool extras like the all caps AWESOME Sales Manager’s Guide to this course! It has ideas on how YOU can help your team OWN the lessons in the program. Ideas for sales meetings, quizzes etc.

Email me for special pricing (and extras) when you enroll 2 or more

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My Risk Free Promise

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“Hunt and close deals better!”

I love all the specific examples you shared, and how you pulled it all together with the communication mapping and time management techniques to help me hunt and close deals better!

Tanya Ramakers, Jonas Software

“Worth the investment!”

The topics were bang on and the curriculum flows through the sales process. The investment is certainly worth it and I refer to my notes at least weekly!

Adam Russell, City National Bank

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