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Want To Get Better At Prospecting? Please Read This ASAP (Deadline)

Posted May 16, 2018

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Sometimes our need to put something off can lead to us missing out!

That’s why I thought it might be a good idea, to shoot you a quick reminder, to let you know that TOMORROW, May 17th, is the last day our Prospect Like A Pro download will be available.

There are over 75 tactics, 15 email and 5 cold calling templates waiting for you but;

If you don’t download it ASAP, you’re going to miss out!

Please click HERE to have a look and secure your prospecting download.


You can train your ENTIRE team when you purchase 5 of my Prospect Like A Pro downloads and;

I’ll even throw in a FREE 30 minute call with your team.

So if you have 50 sales reps, you only pay for 5 and;

You get a FREE 30 minute team call.

500 sales reps, you only pay for 5 and;

You get a FREE 30 minute team call.

And the best part is that our topic of discussion is entirely up to you.

All you have to do is send an email to  and let me know that you’d like to take advantage of this offer. I’ll send you an invoice and once payment is received we’ll set up the FREE team call for you and your sales team.

Paul Castain

PS Here’s what one of our participants had to say about this course;

“Every session during this course I took away something that I was able to apply that SAME day. 

I took the tips and started getting through, or using gatekeepers to my advantage, got my voice mails returned and  while using the reverse call to action, actually had customers apologizing to ME for missing MY call. 

Lastly, you feel like you are the only one of Paul’s students.  He does a perfect job of welcoming your questions, encourages you to send him things that you are working on and will give you feedback. He’s such a cheerleader for his students. 

We all know that sales people have a high need for approval, and you WILL get it from Paul (As well as a kick in the you-know-what when necessary).  If you e-mail Paul that you tried something new, you will get an e-mail back saying Great job and that’s sometimes all we need to keep on going and to try even harder. 

Invest in YOU, and you will quickly see the monetary return.”  

Deirdre McArdle, Inside Sales Representative at Specialty Silicone Products, Inc.

PPS Here’s That Link Again So You Can Have A Look At The Program and Secure Your Download!

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