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Want More Sales? Be More Daring!

Posted June 24, 2016


There are things that jump out at us in sales and yet, we choose to leave well enough alone.

Sometimes we avoid the subject because we don’t want to jeopardize the sale, hurt feelings or who knows, incite a riot but . . .

You’re doing your prospect/client a disservice when you avoid the “elephant in the room”.

I’m not suggesting we suddenly become rude, or talk about things that are irrelevant or inappropriate, I’m talking about addressing things that need to be spoken about.

For some it might horrible online reviews

For others it might be turnover or internal politics but I think you get the idea.

As much as it would be nice to be besties with my clients, I have no desire to have that type of relationship.

I’d rather be the guy, who has the balls to ask the questions others don’t, and have the discussions that others wouldn’t dare.

That’s where I can really begin to work my magic in my client relationships, NOT in the avoidance of the “elephants”!

How about you . . .

Are you calling attention to your “elephants”?

On July 21st, I’m going to be sharing over 150 tactics to help you get in front of more opportunities, nurture those opportunities and bring more of them across the finish line.

We’ll be talking about things like pre call planning, snail mail, social networks, creativity, referrals, traditional networking and because I’m a good sport,we even have one session for cold calling and one for email.

We’ll talk about how to take better control of your meetings, conference calls and Webex.

How to ask kick ass questions and facilitate BETTER meetings that get ALL of the stakeholders involved.

We’ll talk about how to competitor proof your offer and how to ask for the business without getting all salesy and douchey.

Oh, and we’ll also talk about how to win back a deal when you lose it; You’re welcome!

There are 5 really cool eBooks and a special reinforcement webinar that I’m throwing in on the house.

And with 3 easy payments, you won’t have to sell off a kidney to join us!

Sales Managers: When was the last time you supported your team with some awesome training?

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