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Want To Win More Business . . .Fight Your Instincts!

Posted June 29, 2016

Fight for what you want

It’s amazing what happens to otherwise hardworking people once they approach a holiday weekend.

Take the Fourth of July holiday as an example.

It isn’t until Monday, and we’re only talking one day, but;

Many a sales rep have already “mentally checked out”

They tell themselves bullsh*t stories about how its a bad week to try and reach prospects, run appointments, get decisions etc.

So this week (and a part of next week) become admin days, extended lunch days, “I have an ‘appointment’ but I’m really going home early” days, “I’m ‘working from home today'” days!

My advice is simple . . .


Either you take some vacation time and actually enjoy yourself or

You decide there’s work to be done.

Now if you decide there’s work to be done, you better be prepared to fight that inner voice, that’s going to feed you every bullsh*t excuse on the planet, as to why you’re wasting your time this week.

One last thing . . .

Understand that if you tend to slack around holiday weekends, it adds up! (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving etc) Right there, that can be a serious loss if you tend to tag on extra “admin” days.

If you tend to slack over the summer, that’s a nice 2+ month loss of productivity.

If you tend to slack for more than a week at Christmas (many people check out shortly after Thanksgiving) that adds up

If you tend to slack on Friday afternoons and Monday mornings, that adds up (especially when you multiply a few hours by 52 weeks)

Add this loss of productivity in with the amount of interruptions you experience, and the amount of time waster activities you might fall prey to;

And you just lost an all caps HUGE CHUNK OF YOUR YEAR!

The secret to getting your year back, lies in your ability to fight your instincts that tell you;

Why bother?

Want A Better Second Half Of 2016?

Then do something about it!

On July 21st, our Rock Star Academy program launches and the best part;

It’s going to take place right on your computer screen!

Here’s what I have planned for you . . .

Session 1 20 Ways To Create Opportunities: In this session, we’ll talk about severals ways to hunt for business differently. I’ll show you the places your competitors tend to miss and some approaches you probably haven’t considered.

Session 2 Meticulous Pre Call Planning: I’m going to show you what to look for, where to look for it and how to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend researching.

Session 3 How To Get Your Email Opened, Read and Responded To: I’m going to show you, how to write a better subject line, capture their attention from “Hello” and a super cool tactic that will get you more responses.

Session 4 A Cure For The Common Cold Call: We’re going to talk about how to create an “Objection Resistant” opening statement, how to create instant rapport, how to overcome objections and how to leave voicemails that help you stand out.

Session 5 How To Sell MORE Via Your Social Network: Let’s face it, most sales reps suck at leveraging their social networks. They either launch too quickly into a “pitch” or they have no clue what to do after they connect. We’re going to talk about how you can nurture these important relationships and transition them from your computer screen to more meetings and more clients.

Session 6 How To Network Like A Pro (And ROCK Your Referrals): We’re going to talk about what to do before, during and after your next networking event. How to start a conversation with anyone, without it getting weird and then, we’re going to dive, head first, into how you can not only ask for referrals, but how to do so in a way that can double and triple the amount of referrals you’re receiving now.

Session 7 How To Break The 8 Second Attention Span Barrier: I’m going to share how you can immediately get and keep your prospect’s attention whether it be via phone, email, face to face. We’ll talk about how to use your creativity, 2 really powerful psychological tactics, a very specific type of question and more!

Session 8 A Complete Communication Program (How To Get In The Door and Exit With A New Client): In this session, we’re going to discuss how you can “map” your communication in a way that utilizes multiple forms of prospect outreach. I have multiple examples, scenarios and mucho templates to help you communicate with greater IMPACT!

Session 9 How To Take Control Of Your Prospect/Client Meetings: We’ll talk about everything from how to start your meetings with greater impact to several insurance policies you need to take out on the front end. I’ll show you how to ask better questions (the kind that get everyone engaged and emotionally ready to make a change)

Session 10 How To Position Yourself As The Logical Choice: In this session, I’m going to share how you can reduce doubt and skepticism while solidifying your credibility. We’re going to talk about a powerful technique called “Landmines” and how you can bring certain parts of your offering to life that 99.9% of your competitors miss entirely.

Session 11 How To Close More Deals (And Win Back The Ones You’ve Lost): We’re going to talk about how to seemlessly transition into asking for the business without the conversation “getting weird”.  We’ll talk about handling price objections, stalls and what to do (as in step by step) when you lose a deal to win it back!

The “Encore” . . .

After you complete the 11 sessions, I’m going to send you weekly emails (for 3 months) with ideas, tips and tactics to help reinforce the lessons.

I’m going to send you 5 really cool eBooks to, wait for it, wait for it, reinforce the lessons.

We’ll conclude with a refresher webinar, to make sure you’re truly owning all the great things you’ve learned in the program.

To learn more, and to reserve your spot BEFORE we shut the doors;

Click HERE!

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