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What Do You Really Sell Beyond The Features And Benefits?

Posted April 28, 2013

I’ll never forget the day Rich sent me a picture of the pool company breaking ground on his in ground pool.

While we’re at it . . .

I thought it was mighty cool when Susan sent me a postcard from her President’s Club trip to Atlantis.

Susan and Rich reminded me that I didn’t sell them my coaching services, I sold a pool where Rich could splash around with his little girls and a proud moment where Susan was recognized in front of her peers . . . in a kick ass location!

Sometimes we forget what we’re really selling.

Beyond our features and benefits!

We sell the ability for someone to get home to their family, on time because we helped streamline a process.

We sell rock star status because someone looks good because of us.

I’ve sold comebacks, removal of debt and realization of dreams.

We don’t just sell features and benefits

How about you . . .

Please let us know, what you really sell . . .

Beyond the features and benefits!

Important . . .

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  • Lynda

    Paul, I do believe I understand what you are driving at — but in the end, aren’t these the personal benefits of working with you? I think being able to get home to my family is a HUGE BENEFIT. Perhaps being mindful to expand our thinking beyond the immediate and traditional “benefits” to looking at the personal side of business?

    • Great point Lynda!

      There are many who are way too focused on the products, services and company and promptly forget about a bigger picture.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lynda!

  • Dave A

    As part of my products, I am also selling confidence and peace of mind. One of my key principles (I am an independent sales rep) is color measurement systems. By teaching my customers about color (I also train them on the systems, it REALLY helps when giving demos), and how to use the systems, they are more confident about their decisions and, yes, they have a greater peace of mind that their decisions on color are correct, not just subjective, and they can back up this confidence with data!

    “If you want to know if you have a good steak you can stick your head up the cow’s butt, but I’d really rather take the butcher’s word on it” (Tommy Boy).

    • You had me at the Tommy Boy quote Dave 🙂

      Thank you for always taking some time to stop by and contribute . . .

      YOU are appreciated!

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