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What’s Your Plan To Get In Front Of Your Ideal Prospect?

Posted June 15, 2018


I want you to really ponder a question (and answer it honestly)


For most sales reps its “I just keep calling and emailing”

The part they’re leaving off, is that they;

Just keep calling and emailing with the same message!

I’m sure this won’t be news to you, but you’re allowed to change up both your message and the form of “touch” you’re using.

Many times, actually too many times. reps will do neither because they haven’t taken the time to create a “communication map”.

A “communication map” helps you premeditate your communication and does the following;

  1. Tells you what type of attempt you will utilize (phone, email,FedEx, drop in, drop off,  snail mail, something via social network, something creative etc)
  2. Tells when in the sequence of other attempts you will utilize that attempt.
  3. Helps each attempt set up the next attempt so your efforts work in unison!

So here’s how your first 3 attempts might look (the possibilities are limitless)

Attempt #1 Handwritten Intro Note (I’ve chosen this because pretty much no one does this)

Wait approximately 2-4 days  depending on your postal system

Attempt #2  Email With Embedded Intro Video (I’ve chosen this because pretty much no one does this) The video should be approximately 60 seconds long. At the end of that video, you do something very specific that I teach HERE.

Time Out: You really need to have an arsenal of different emails since the majority of your emails will go unanswered. The problem is that most reps have one SH*TTY email that they keep forwarding from their sent file as if to say;

Hey dumbasss . . . How about a response?

Wait approximately 2 days.

Attempt #3 Intro Call or Voice Mail #1

Time Out: You really need to create an arsenal of different voice mails since you will most probably be reaching voice mail, more often than you’d like to. The problem is that most reps, only have 1 “go to” voice mail that they leave.

This process typically doesn’t end with 3 attempts/touches so you will need to create your next 3 and continue to create your map in the form of 3 touch mini campaigns.

And you absolutely MUST continue to change up the types of attempts/touches you use so you keep the recipient interested enough to continue the “courtship”.

The beautiful thing about this process (if I do say so myself) is that the quality of your communication will be so much better, because it’s premeditated!

Isn’t that better than the split second decision you’re probably making as the alert in your CRM goes off?

So I gave you your first 3 touches (I know, that didn’t sound right)

I’m going to challenge you to create the 3 that happen after that.

I’m going to be talking quite a bit about my Communication Mapping process during our How To Get Your Dream Client’s Attention webinar.

Here’s what I’m going to share;

  • How To Dramatically Increase The Odds Of Having A Decision Maker Take Your Call (Did You Ever Wish There Was A Way You Could Get Someone To Actually Pick Up The Phone? Here You Go!)
  • How A Decision Maker Reads An Email and The 5 Email Tactics Your Peers Are Leveraging To Stand Out.
  • 2 Email Subject Lines That Lead To More Opens and Responses.
  • 1 Simple Phrase That Will Capture A Decision Maker’s Attention.
  • 3 Ways Your Peers Are Leveraging “Seasonal Messaging” To Set Themselves Apart.
  • 15 Ways Your Peers Are Using Creativity To Get In The Door (I’ll Be Sending A Really Cool Bonus PDF After The Webinar)
  • 4 Things You Can Do Via Your Social Network To Get Your Dream Client’s Attention (That Pretty Much NO ONE Is Doing!)
  • How To Create A Prospecting Cadence That Helps You Stand Out WITHOUT Becoming A Pain In The Ass!


Thursday, June 28th, at 11:30 am EST.

What Do You Get?

(1) 90 Minute Webinar


Webinar Replay

PDF With 15+ Ways To Use Creativity To Capture Your Dream Client’s Attention

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