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Why I Don’t Lead With “How Are You?” When I Prospect

Posted July 6, 2018

Leave it to a New Yorker to sound like a real unsociable prick but I pretty much never ask “How are you?” when I prospect.

You probably think it’s because it’s typically a red flag that you’re trying to sell them something, right?

That’s partially why but there are two bigger reasons;

First, I want to break the typical pattern where reps follow a set “cold calling protocol”.

In doing that, I throw the recipient off guard and avoid the stimulus/response that many of you face.

It’s a bit of a pattern interrupt.

The second (and main reason) why I don’t ask is because it wastes valuable seconds that I could be using to demonstrate that the call is relevant.

And yes, I believe asking someone “How are you?” demonstrates good manners but for the last few years, I’ve replaced it with;

I noticed that ___________

The “I noticed that _______” phrase allows me to come right out of the gate and grab the recipient’s attention.


Because I fill in the blank with something I noticed about their company, industry, competitor(s), challenges, opportunities, etc.

That’s the stuff they actually give a sh*t about and if I only have a few seconds to grab their attention;

Being relevant is going to keep me from taking a bullet more effectively than wasting those seconds on asking how someone is doing.

A typical cold call usually starts with “How are you?” followed by possibly some chit chat, and then cutting to the chase with a statement about what their widget does;

I lead with something that will IMMEDIATELY get their attention (and lower their guard) within the first few seconds.

Give it a try and better yet;

Give it a try and tape your end of the conversation so you can view the “game tape” later!

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