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Will You Hold Your Ground And Do What’s Right?

Posted January 11, 2012

I come across sales reps every day who are saying things, and doing things they don’t feel good about!


Because this is what their boss, “the powers that be” or the owner  told them to do.

Things like deceptive prospecting techniques

–      Telling the assistant Mr. Jones is expecting your call when he isn’t.

–      Telling the assistant you are returning their boss’s call when you aren’t!

–      When asked “What is this in reference to?” you reply “It’s personal”

Things like BS product recommendations not because its best for the client . . . because its best for your company. Meanwhile, the less expensive alternative was just fine.

Things like unnecessary upgrades. Not because these are the best for the client . . . they are best for your company.

How about bogus fees?

I could go on and on but I’d rather ask you a question . . .

At what point do you tell the boss, “the powers that be” and the owner to kiss your ass because homie don’t play that?

Or is it just better to put your head down and comply?

What are your thoughts?

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