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You'll Understand Better Once You Get Fired!

Posted May 31, 2014

I hope you get fired!

And once you get fired, I hope you continue to get fired once a quarter for the rest of your working life!

Mentally fired that is!

Once a quarter, I want you to mentally fire yourself and rehire yourself as the person that buys your widget.

Once you do that, answer these questions as they would . . .

What are the things that aggravate you about your business?

What aggravates you about your role?

What scares you or has you concerned?

What are the opportunities businesses in general want to embrace?

What opportunities would you want to embrace?

What questions would you have at various stages of the buying cycle?

What would be the top 25 questions that you would like answers to.

Once you do this and you actually think about it at great length, you get to hire yourself back so you can . . .

Think about the questions you can now ask prospects and clients based on thinking as they would.

Create more meaningful presentations now that you have a clearer understanding.

Create and curate content that speaks to the things that are important to your prospect or client.

Become more relevant in the process.

Sales Managers/Business Owners: Might make a cool topic for a team meeting huh?

Just make sure you do this once a quarter because things change and it’s kind of important that be stay relevant. 🙂

Now go fire yourself already so you can kick ass at a higher level!

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