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You’re Forgotten About The Moment Your Prospect Hangs Up

Posted March 13, 2018

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So there you are, with phone in hand, calling potential customers.

The theme from Indiana Jones starts playing as you dodge assistants, voice mails, Caller ID, people hanging up on you, people telling you “not interested” without ever hearing what you do and then . . .

You actually get through to someone!

They listen to what you have to say and you actually have a dialogue. Things are looking good, there’s some degree of interest but for whatever reason, you still don’t get the appointment.

Bummer. Right?

And now the really lousy part . . .

They’ve probably forgotten about you within seconds of that call!

Just think about all the things that are going on in their world.

They’re dealing with internal and or external customers.

Lots and lots of work!

How many more calls and voicemails will they deal with that day alone?

According to Radicati Group they will send and receive an average of 121 emails.

According to Experian Marketing, they will send and receive anywhere from 16-75 text messages.

FastCompany Magazine says they will be exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages each day.

They will be interrupted an average of 7 times each hour according to Wendy Cole from Time Magazine.

They will consume approximately 34 gigabytes of information according to University Southern California at San Diego. That’s 100,000 words or the equivalent of reading War and Peace every few days.


They’ve probably forgotten about you . . . mighty quick.

What’s an aspiring sales rock star to do?

How will you stay in touch and hopefully . . . Top Of Mind?

Here are a few ideas.

First . . . Say thank you! Seriously, send them a card (not an email)

Do that one step alone . . . and you immediately STAND OUT.

Nobody ever thanks someone who doesn’t buy from them and that’s why you need to do it! And no, I don’t think you should send it to EVERY person who tells you to piss off, just the ones who were helpful.

Note: Was an assistant helpful or instrumental in any way with regard to you getting a chance to speak with a potential customer? Might want to thank them too! Do that, and you might just ascend to Multi Platinum Rock Star Status and, as a bonus, have someone eager to help you in the future. Why? Because nobody ever thanks an assistant!

Next is the part where the average sales rep really screws up, because the only thing they will do (out of mucho options) is make a note to call back.

Way to sound like everyone else!

I mean, definitely schedule a call back but what will you do in the interim?

By the way, I define “interim” as that period of time when people forget about you!

How about an invitation to connect on LinkedIn?

How about mailing them something or even FedExing or dropping something off?

Is there a resource you could send them?

Do you have anything in your arsenal that educates people on how to buy your product or service? No? Well why the heck not? Here’s a sample of something I send out to potential coaching clients.

How about a funny greeting card?

How about a “blank card”?

How about a greeting card sent on non religious holidays.

How about an invite to a networking event?

Invite them to a webinar your company is hosting. What’s that, your company DOESN’T host webinars? Maybe YOU could? I mean its a great way to establish your authority and expertise, right?

How about using your creativity to stay top of mind?

Here’s the long and the short of it gang . . .

They’re gonna forget about us the moment they hang up!

How cool would it be if we anticipated that and were fully prepared with a killer “Stay In Touch” campaign?


On March 23rd, at 11:30 am EST, I’ll be hosting a special online webinar to help YOU, get the attention of a buyer, who finds it way too easy to forget about you!

Here’s what you’ll gain by joining us;

  • 25 Ways To Find The Business Everyone Misses
  • 5 Creative Ways To Get A Potential Client’s Attention
  • A 4 Step Messaging Framework That Will Set You Apart
  • The One Sentence That Gets A Potential Client’s Attention IMMEDIATELY
  • 5 Ways To Get Someone’s Attention By Using Snail Mail
  • 5 Email Templates That Get Opened, Read and Responded To
  • The Phone Template My Coaching Clients Have Been Using To Generate MORE Appointments
  • How To Handle Stalls and Objections.

Here’s What You’ll Get;

(1) 90 Minute Webinar


Webinar Replay

(5) Email Templates That Get Opened, Read and Responded To

(1) Phone Template

Access To A Secret Resource Page

Email Access To Me To Answer Any Webinar Related Questions


March 23rd at 11:30 am EST

How Much?


Please click HERE to reserve your spot!

… and never miss a beat!
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