“Unworthiness” Sucks!

by Paul Castain on May 10, 2012

There was a time when I wanted to punch Tony Robbins right in his face . . . how’s that for an opener?

I decided not to because I couldn’t afford the 7 foot ladder I would need to do so and also remembered there are laws against that sort of thing but that’s not the point . . .

Tony said that if we don’t have financial success or the things we want in our life, many times its because we believe deep down that we are not worthy of that which we seek.

I remember thinking “You insensitive bastard. Do you think that deep down I wanted my world to turn to crap?”

After some serious reflection, I realized that this statement was spot on.

I must admit that feeling like you’re worthy after you lost your business, your cars, 60 grand and your self esteem is quite a task but

I knew I had to do it because otherwise the internal “Paul” would be sabotaging  the outer Paul and I would never move forward.

I wonder if this might be you at times?

With that in mind, I have a very simple message for you . . .

You are not only worthy . . . you are allowed to feel worthy!

Circumstances should never dictate our worthiness!

We do!

What would you pursue if you truly felt you were worthy of the prize?

Now go out and get after that it because you are worthy my friend!

Take it from someone who once felt he was unworthy!

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