Walt Disney’s 3 Types Of People

by Paul Castain on September 9, 2012

John Maxwell tells an interesting story about how Walt Disney categorized people.

According to Disney, there are 3 types of people . . .

The first type is the Well Poisoner. The Well Poisoner discourages you, stomps on your creativity and tells you what you can’t do! When I lost everything I had, I took on several jobs. One was at a local Italian Restaurant. The owners went out of their way to treat me like a piece of crap and took pride in discouraging me. Bart, if you’re reading this, you never knew it but I put dirty dishwater in your Diet Coke. Oh and before I forget . . . bite me!

The Second type is the Lawn Mower. The Lawn mower is well intentioned but self absorbed. They are more concerned with their own needs, their own lawns and never leave their yard to help someone else. Finally, there is the Life Enhancer. They reach out to others and lift them up. They encourage others and inspire greatness

Painfully obvious self discovery question coming at cha in 3,2,1 . . .

Which one are you?

Maxwell suggests we ask ourselves . . . “Am I different things to different people?” In other words are you a life enhancer to a potential client but a lawn mower to your co workers? Perhaps we are life enhancers to our employees but well poisoners to our children?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of those types of inconsistencies? I remember the first time I experienced it, I was 18 and I knew someone who’s parents were very active in the church. In that world, they were life enhancers at a very high level. One day I called, asked to speak with my friend and was promptly told off by his mother and she hung up on me! The reason . . . because I didn’t ask how she was doing before asking if I could speak with my friend.

And that’s where the disconnect hit me (literally) because I remember thinking “So at the Church you are the Saint but at home you’re serving up a tall drink of Bitch?

How about you? Are you different things to different people? If we were to gather your family, friends, clients, neighbors, those closest to you from your online network etc. What would they say about you?

FYI . . . What people say about you, behind your back, is every much a part of your brand and yet it is often discarded because we are focused on what is being said to our face or . . . What we THINK or WISH others would say in our absence.

I guess the final thought should be . . . Would their description of you be representative of not only your brand, but ultimately, representative of the legacy you hope to one day leave behind?

Think about that; then get back to your life with some clarity and a mission to live it intentionally! It might just be the missing piece you’ve been looking for!

Thanks for reading!

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