Want To Get More Responses From Potential Clients? Do This . . .

by Paul Castain on April 19, 2017

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Chip Heath, co author of Made To Stick once said;

The most basic way to get someone’s attention is this; Break someone’s pattern!

That statement has prospecting written all over it!

Too many times, we find ourselves knee deep in a pattern of;

We call, they blow off the call and let it go to voice mail.

We call and they give us their default “We’re all set” “No need” etc.

We email, they ignore the email.

These are all patterns that typically go nowhere until;

You break the pattern.

There are numerous ways to break someone’s pattern like;

Asking a question

Saying something completely unexpected.

Injecting humor

Using a shocking statement

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Changing your message (especially if you’ve been saying the same thing over and over)

I saved the best for last . . .

You can break the pattern by changing the form of outreach.

So if your potential client is used to getting phone calls and emails;

Perhaps you should try something different!

You could do something creative.

You could shoot a short 1 minute video, calling them by name and introducing yourself.

You could approach via a warm intro

You could reach out via LinkedIn or “bump into them” on another social network or their blog.

You could drop in

You could drop something off

If you know that they attend industry events, you could “bump into them” there.

And you could do something that 99.9% of the sales population DOESN’T do;

Use snail mail.

Speaking of which, have you registered for our 25 Ways To Stand Out Via Snail Mail webinar yet?

Human beings are creatures of habits and patterns which puts us in sort of a bad “stimulus response” type of thing when we prospect.

They see your caller ID, hear your voice, see your name in their inbox and;

They disregard and delete!

That’s when you need to break the pattern by;

Changing things up!

And most of the ideas I suggested today take less time than beating your head against the wall and bitching to your coworkers how nobody ever gets back to you


Today is the last day to register for our 25 Ways To Stand Out With Snail Mail Webinar.


Because tomorrow (April 20th) at 11:30 am EST we go live!

Here’s what you’ll gain by joining us;

  • How to use snail mail to WARM up a cold call.
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  • One common mistake that immediately bores the reader. A simple, 3 point framework that grabs attention in the first sentence.
  • 12 ways to reduce doubt and skepticism.
  • 12 creative techniques that will position you apart!
  • How to leverage “3 Touch Mini Campaigns” to get in the door.
  • Actual examples of how your peers are using snail mail, to create opportunities, WITHOUT dropping the cash for massive direct mail campaigns.
  • A pre appointment “kit” EVERY sales rep needs to send
  • How to use snail mail to stay “top of mind” between prospect meetings.
  • How to use snail mail to generate MORE referrals

What do you get? 

(1) 90 minute webinar

Worksheets, the webinar replay and a bonus eBook (sent the following week) 



Image result for importantCan’t make it on Thursday, April 20th, at 11:30 am EST?

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