Well Intentioned But Busy

by Paul Castain on July 12, 2013

I’ll go out on a limb and assume that getting poor results and failing are not on your “Things To Do” list.

We all have hopes and dreams and then life has a way of creeping in and much like a heavy current; it sweeps us away.

Away from the things we want.

Away from the things that matter.

Yesterday, I wrote about the dangers of having goals and positive thinking without marrying them to action.

Did you dismiss it because of it’s simplicity? If you did, stop looking for the big, sexy, complicated answers to your challenges. It’s holding you back!

Maybe you were well intentioned but busy?

Some people spend an entire life time doing that only to find out that the dash between when they were born and when they died became . . .

One well intentioned, busy and disappointing blur!

Here’s a link to that post again.

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Time is running out . . .

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