What Do You Have Beyond A Phone Call And An Email?

by Paul Castain on December 13, 2012

As a business owner, I’m on the receiving end of many a sales rep’s selling efforts.

Unfortunately, I see the same things, repeated over and over again.

The same phone call.

Typically on the same day and time. For example: With some I am their Thursday at 2:30 call etc.

The real creative ones, send and email right after the voice mail and that’s about it.

The extent of the sales rep’s repertoire is only two types of touches and yet there’s so much more!

This poses a few challenges . . .

1) I believe doing the same things, over and over again on the same communication platform makes you predictable and increases the probability that you’ve conditioned your prospect to blow off your call.

2) We’re taking an already noisy world and then proceeding to do exactly what everyone else is doing. Unless you have an outstanding message . . . you’re going to get lost in the sauce dude!

3) Its limiting you. Why? Because your prospect has THEIR preferred communication platform. By utilizing only two, chances are, you might be missing it.

4) Quite selfishly, I believe you are boring the heck out of yourself. There’s no variety, no mix and as sales reps, we really aren’t wired to do one to two mundane activities.

As an active sales professional I want options and I refuse to limit myself to only two of them.

Think about it . . .

There’s good, old fashioned mail, creative door openers, networking, social networking, things I can do with written content, referrals, knocking on doors, seminars, webinars just to name a few and guess what?

Within each of those categories they are even a few more options.

Don’t get me wrong . . .

There’s still a place for phone calls in our new account acquisition activities but;

They’re lonely and in need of some company from a well balanced, diversified Sales Mix.

Your phone call is lonely and in need of some company!

Your turn . . .

Do you agree with the concept of mixing it up and just for the heck of it . . . What’s in your sales mix?

We’ll be dedicating 2 sessions of our Sales School program next month to developing an awesome sales mix. I hope you’ll check out the program . . . its a great way for you to start 2013! Click here to have a look at the program I have planned for you!

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