What Every Sales Rep Should Do Before Sending An Email To A Potential Client

by Paul Castain on August 11, 2017

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I’m going to skip all the obvious stuff  and offer one suggestion that nobody does;


Read the email you’re about to send out loud

And then give it the “Kitchen Table” test meaning;

If you wouldn’t say it at your kitchen table, having an actual conversation with someone (imagine that) then;

Put that email out of it’s misery and delete it!

The problem with most corporate communication is that its stuffy, formal and;

Nobody talks that way!

Seriously, when you sit and have a conversation with someone, do you say things like;

“We’re a full service” (Special note to my friends in the printing industry to close the coffin on this one already)

“End to end”

“One source”

“The premiere”

“Local reach, global touch”

“In business for yourself, but not by yourself”

“Robust” “Redundancy” “Comprehensive”

Then don’t put it in an email!

Also, look at the “tone” of your email.

Would you intentionally communicate with that tone if you were having a conversation with someone?

Then don’t unintentionally communicate with that tone in an email.

The car is in the parking lot

If I were sitting with you, and spoke those words, I could align my visual, verbal and tonality to give that phrase different meanings;

Without EVER changing the words around.

I could communicate it as purely informational like I’m telling you where the car is.

I could phrase it like I’m shocked that its in the parking lot.

I could express frustration because you aren’t grasping that its in the parking lot.

I could express it like I’m somehow saddened that the car is in the parking lot because I didn’t take my meds.

I could express it like a comedian giving you the punch line.

I could yell it to you.

I could whisper it to you.

I could speak it fast, slow or for my musician friends;

With a crescendo (gradually getting louder)

Decrescendo (gradually getting softer)

Look at all those crazy ways of communicating that phrase and then;

Understand that we lose the vast majority of those options via the written word.

So take a minute to read that email out loud and put that bad boy through the “kitchen table”.

And make a note to evict all that sales and marketing speak from your vocabulary!

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